Habbo Guide to Riches

Sun, Jul 25, 2010, by sincedaylight

Money Making

Get rich quick, no scam!

Habbo is full of scams and noobs claiming that they can get you “free furni” or even “DOUBLE” your furni. NONE of this is true! There is absolutely no way to double your furni, and sure, you can get free furni at giveaways or even from your friends, but noobs claiming you can get free coins by going to a website will scam you! NEVER give your furni away to someone or your information, you will get scammed. Anyways, let’s begin with the guide.


Giveaways are a very popular method to get free furni. Most of the time, though, these giveaways are scams by the owner to get “respect” or even for you to rate up their room. Always go to a trusted giveaway or giveaways from your friends. You probably won’t get much from giveaways because you only get one or two “norm” furnis at a time, unless it’s a rare giveaway, which is probably a scam anyways.


There are TONS of games on habbo, ranging from cozzie changes to falling furni. Some are a scam, so always keep an eye out. Never pay the owner to stay in the game, because even if it isn’t a scam, if you lose you lost the furni you gave away! Just keep playing until you win, or try something else.


Armies are a good way to make money, but it usually time consuming and sometimes owners only pay weekly. Try joining a well known army that pays daily, and work hard! Respect the owner and his rules and you will get paid, unless of course it’s a scam! ALWAYS join a well known army with a WELL KNOWN and RESPECTED owner!


Making an army will probably take a while. People will eventually start to donate, and maybe even pay for higher ranks. Sell owner ranks cheaper than the rest of the armies, so yours will become popular. You can keep running an army, or move onto bigger things.


Casinos are one of the biggest money making games in habbo. But, if you’re not careful, you will definitely get scammed. Casinos are very popular because you bet a furni to the dealer, pick a game, and if you win, you get DOUBLE the furni. But, be careful, some dealers will run if they lose and take your furni with them.


Once you get semi-rich, the easiest way to go (this is what I did) is buy dealer’s rights at a very well known popular casino and start taking bets! STAY TRUSTED and DON’T SCAM and people will begin to bet A LOT. The dealers always have the upperhand, so you will win more than you lose.

That concludes the guide. If you need any help with the game or getting rich, contact wirestruck . STAY SAFE AND KEEP HABBOING! GOOD LUCK!

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