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Wed, Aug 11, 2010, by youngwriter

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This article will talk about a site called Readbud, where you can make money to read articles online.

First off let me share that making money online can be done but it does take some work. It does not matter if you are completing offers or selling others products you will have to devote some of your time so please keep this in mind when reading this article.

This article is about a site called Readbud, this site is a rather new site where you signup and pick topics that you would like to read about and read each article that is avaialbe each day and than you are paid for this. Each day articles to read can vary and the payout for the site is rather high at 50$. But please do not let that discourage you from joining the site. There is no cost on your end but they pay via paypal so you must have a paypal account which is free as well.

I am not sure about country restrictions. I would read the terms and condtions of the site, and I would for any site when you are planning to make money online. Most sites will pay what they promise but there are scams out there too. When looking up readbud online for a payment proof there seems to be proof that this site does indeed pay. Also they have a good referral program as well where you get others to signup and when they cashout you earn 5$ as well. This could become a great site to profit from if you go to the site each day or more and read all the articles and rate them at the bottom of each one. There are five starts where you pick how many stars you think the article is worth. Pay varies for each articles but hey why not make some money while you are online. If you would like to join Readbud please go here.

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  1. TeeJay90 Says:

    readbud is not a scam…it paid me too:)
    plz join:

  2. BANTI Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE ANY ONE register ITS A FREE. Join now and get Rs. 99 instantly, just for joining FREE. —–

  3. BANTI Says:

    HELLO TeeJay90 PLEASE PLEASE register ITS A FREE. Join now and get Rs. 99 instantly, just for joining FREE. —–

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