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Mon, Oct 18, 2010, by addjusting

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People are wondering if there are sites that will pay you just by chatting.

Great news to all chat addicts.  This is your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do and get paid by what you are doing.  GET PAID TO CHAT has invaded the internet community and if you are a chat savvy person wanting to just chat all day then it is your time to get in the mode and get paid.  There are actually and currently two sites that are promoting this and i assure you that i have been paid by them already.

For the benefit of me writing this article and sharing it to you, it would be lovely that as a gratitude you will register under me.

The first GET PAID TO CHAT website is called berijji.  This is the first site to promote getting paid while you are chatting. You will be paid every time you will send a message, it’s concept is a pot based concept wherein you will be paid according to the pot money instituted.  In this world of chat being good in English is not a requirement.  There are rooms that are made for Indians, Filipinos and others.  You will get paid even by speaking with your own language but you are not allowed to speak your language in the main chat room, just be sure to join in the specific room in order that you can speak your dialect.  There is also one rule you should follow which is double posting, you should not double post to avoid spamming.

The pay is not much, the biggest claim so far was only 1.23 dollars in one day. He prove it but he did not say how many hours he was pounding those keyboards.  Enough for the talk, its time you should join and try it:  CLICK HERE

There is a second GET PAID TO CHAT site that offers almost the same as the first one.  However this site is just the replica of the first one.  They wanted to gain chatter that they pay a much higher rate than the first one.  This site is just a copy but they pay higher rate so i decided to join in and find it okay. to join:  CLICK HERE

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