Get Paid to be an Agony Aunt (Or, If You are a Man, an Agony Uncle)

Wed, Aug 4, 2010, by Carmel BRULEZ

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By one who knows.

For many years I worked as a well paid agony aunt.   I was qualified,  had a proven track record,   and had helped a lot of people.  Eventually I decided to retire from it so that instead of  helping others I could relax and have a life of my own for a change.

I now see there are lots of people wishing they were an agony aunt or uncle,  or even calling themselves one!

Most are rubbish.   They are not charlatans in the usual sense of the word, as they are not doing it for the money.  With a lot of them it is just wishful thinking,  dreaming, a fantasy.

I recently went onto yahoo answers to look up some bits and bobs and found lots of young girls had posted a question along the lines of

How do I become an agony aunt?

Well firstly, an intelligent and wise person does not ask children for advice!  Nor do they ask people with no qualifications or proven track record.   

Secondly, if they need to ask all and sundry how to get into that field of work,  then they are not bright enough to be an agony aunt.  A true agony aunt can solve problems and answer questions.

The way forward with being an agony aunt is to write for a website.  Magazines and newspapers are going out of fashion.  They will gradually get replaced by more and more websites and more and more reading those that already exist. 

I have found the ideal website for you.

It is run and written by a great agony aunt with many years experience, and a very proven track record.

Unlike most such sites she makes herself available to readers.  She does not palm off things onto junior staff.

She can help you with advice about anything,  she can give you a job working for her on her website.

You can also see the great chat room and forum on there and use them for free.

There are a lot of people out there who would make a great agony aunt, but not knowing where to start is a problem. Here is your opportunity.  Do not waste it.  I started small, now I own a lot of property and was able to retired when I was only forty years of age.

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