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Fri, Jul 9, 2010, by karkey6789

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Guys there is an great opportunity to earn money these days especially micro jobs.There are few sites online were there is a great way to earn money through some microjobs.Micro jobs are nothing but small jobs where we could earn good money.

What is micro job:

Micro jobs are small task where we can earn money through small tasks using some task site.There are huge number of sites which allow to earn us some good money through micro jobs.All tasks can be completed within some 1 minutes to 5 minutes and even some freelancers can earn some money through these micro jobs.

What are the sites offer these jobs:

Sites are:






These are the sites which allow small task and earnng potential is good.All these sites are legit and we could earn some decent money every month online through these sites.I personally feel we could earn above $150 to 200$ every month.The earning potential is immense in these sites and i would want every one to work on these sites to earn some good income online.

Does these sites pay:

Yes, absolutely all these sites mentioned above pays to all memebers so earning potential is unlimited online to earn.I always feel these sites are newest for of Gpt sites and we could earn some subsidiual income online every month.Please read the article regularly as i could update some more sites in the future to help many online money makers.

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  1. soody Says:

    Another great site for micro jobs http://www.microjob.co to earn some money online. i am already a member and earning money daily from it.

  2. Micro job site Says:

    I would like to mention the existence of TaskArmy that allows you to list $99 services.

  3. WebMicroJobs Says:

    another amazing site http://www.webmicrojobs.com get 1$ signup bonus

  4. Frogerr Micro Jobs Says:

    I believe that micro jobs are the sollution for many people currently without jobs. It might not pay as much as a full time job (though it’s possible), but it allows everyone to earn money with what they’re good with!

    I’ve recently helped launch http://frogerr.com, a similar initiative as you’ve described, which I hope will help many to do what they love and earn money while doing it :D

  5. Twistedwhispers Says:

    there is also microworkers,they do pay you for very little tasks

  6. ridwanfahim Says:

    I hope this site is very excellent

  7. cumamun Says:

    unique but need more info

  8. Sulabh sharma Says:

    Sorry guys the sites above given Mymicrojob.com and Shorttask.com are completely scam. I have researched for these sites and they are completely scam.

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