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Fri, Apr 16, 2010, by Jap468

Money Making

If you have ever wanted to earn money on the side to buy some fun stuff. Well this is a great blog for it.

There are many sites that pay for taking surveys and doing other tasks. First of all i would like to warn you there are a lot of websites that are fake and will not pay you. So be sure not to pay any money or you will get ripped off. Here are a couple of sites that will pay good money for taking surveys.

1. Fusion Cash: This site pays very well the minimum amount to cash out is $25 there are many easy surveys you can do to get money. http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=Jap468

2. A.W. Surveys: This is a very good site I would say although the minimum cash out amount is $75 you can earn money really fast. I earned around $25 in my first hour on this website. This would be one of my top recommendations. http://www.AWSurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=Jap468

3. Creation Rewards: I think this website is very great there are many easy ways to earn money. This website works on a point system. Once you get a 1,000 points you can cash out for $5. That may seem bad, but you can earn upto 350 points per day. They only let you take 3 surveys a day, buy they are worth around a 100 points each. There are different ways to earn points on this site such as shopping online, taking surveys, and playing games. http://www.creationsrewards.net/?referid=_21_50_D6_8D_C9_A3_1C

Well those are the best websites are know. Just to warn you again there are alot of scams out there so be careful when trying to earn money online.

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