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Fri, Apr 23, 2010, by Thunder

Money Making

Does triond work? Read this to find out and how to use it to make big money.

So do you think Triond works? Well you don’t know, that’s why your reading this.

The answer varies depending on how much effort you put in. I have had my Triond account for a little over two years now and my income has been minimal due to my lack of effort, however, it doesn’t take much more to get a bit more money.

This is due to the fact I haven’t written much, and barely anything people will find of interest. However, unlike me, people have earned big money using Triond, more than a normal income in some cases. Anyone can do this with a little effort, so don’t think that you can’t, because you very easily could.

Here are some tips on getting more money from Triond if your feeling doubtful:

  •  Write articles on current events and topics
  •  Write articles regularly
  •  Send links of new articles you have written to family and friends so when they read you will gain money
  •  Refer families and friends to Triond, so that for every dollar they make, you will receive ten pence.
  •  Advertise your articles on public sites. Put it in your FaceBook status or post it on YouTube.

Also for that little extra boost on cash, add your Google AdSense account to your account. It really makes a difference.
If you haven’t signed up for Triond yet, then please do now. It would help me out if you joined using my referral link as it will give me extra money without costing you a penny of your income.
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to join now – it really does work if you try.

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