A Little Secret to Increase Your Neobux Earnings

Wed, Mar 24, 2010, by boema6

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By now everybody who uses the Internet knows that NEOBUX.com is the shiniest star among all the profitable PTC sites that require zero amount out of pocket money. It is the first PTC site to introduce out of the main balance referral renting and it has another tool that, as far as I know, only few know how to use it. I mean about the five colors flags together with the cursor in the middle up of the rented referrals page.

Per total activity on NEOBUX.com I may be still walking on moving sands, as I learn something new every day; there is one tool in particular,though, that I think I master and I like to share with you my secrets in order to maximize your earnings out of this wonderful PTC site. For the beginners I will summarize what it takes to earn hundreds of dollars on NEOBUX.com   After you register for free at http://www.neobux.com/?r=simsimswife, and log in every day for a month at approximately the same hour for clicking the four ads (if you are lucky even more than four), you will have gained enough money to pass to the second step, the one of renting referrals.  Nothing unclear up to this moment, as the terms of service, help and support as well as the multilingual forum sections are very well built to help you as you go. rent your first three referrals and from here I step in with those little secrets.  The moment you have your three referrals visible on your rented referrals page, override the default settings and fix the three color cursor in the middle-up of the page to delimit the red area from 0 to 1.5, the yellow area from 1.5 to 3.5 and the green area above 3.5.  The numbers represent the average clicks in a day from one rented referral. Keep it this way all the time.  Monitor attentively every day the activity of your referrals. You will notice that starting with the first day of activity of your referrals the background will be colored according to your definition. If your referral has clicked four times, the row of that referral will have a green background and you should be happy, a green background makes you the fortunate owner of a very active referral. The white flag is for new referrals, the red flag is for referrals with very low activity: 1.0 or below, the orange for referrals with average clicking between 1.1 and 1.5, the yellow flag for a 1.5-3.5 average and the green for an average above 3.5.  Keeping that in mind, the moment all your referrals have a background color, match the color of the flag for each referral with the background color and keep it unchanged for a week.  This will help you  understand the clicking pattern of your referrals.  For example, after one week you can find an orange flag over a green background, which means that your referral got lazy, sick or busy with something else and has substantially decreased the average clicks a day, or on the contrary, a green flag over a pinkish background which means that your referral  liked the taste of it and become very active. Congratulations! Red flags after a week of activity means you must get rid of that referral and exchange it with another one.  Pay attention to the expiry date of a referral. The new rented referral received when you exchanged the old, inactive one, will have the same expiry date as the old one. Exchanging does not change the expiry date. When you have expiring referrals more than you can afford, pay for the green and the yellow flag referrals first.  If you are doomed to lose a referral any way, why lose an active one? The solution to this problem is to pay from the very first moment when you can afford it, to keep your referrals for 90 days more, which gives you a 20% discount.  Remember, it is not a bad deal because when you replace the inactive referral, you get to keep the new referral for the same number of days.  For me the tool autopay worked more like a leakage in my balance.  So I do not advise you, although it is possible that my missing something about the subject to be the culprit.  Do not hesitate to ask me anything if there is something I didn’t explain clearly enough.

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  1. Brian R. Boss Says:

    Interesting. I might give NeoBux a try.

  2. boema6 Says:

    Thank you for the kindness to type a comment. Not a bad idea at al to give it a try. I promise you won’t regret, on the contrary, you will take it as an entrepreneurial challenge. Good luck!

  3. Mohd Azeem Says:


    You said about the change of colors of flags.
    my question to you is actually the color of flags changes or the background color changes?
    I have confusion over this point.
    One more thing what to understand if the background of the yellow flag changes from yellow to green?
    I have no idea about this.
    So can you explain me what actually is happening in here?
    I would be thankful for your reply.

  4. boema6 Says:

    Hi, Mohamed, thank you so much for your comment. I mentioned in the article that according to your settings chosen from the cursor, all the backgrounds will get colored automatically, as soon as an average applies. Then you match the color of the flag to the color of the background with the slight mention that there are two degrees of red, so you should use the darker degree of red to mark the smallest average, from 1.0 below, in order to help you spot easier the inefficient rented referrals and replace them. If the background changes from yellow to green, congratulations, your rented referral got the taste of the game and became more active. If this pattern stays for one week you can change the flag into green. Green flags are the most valuable to you, so when you are short balance wise, make sure that you have paid the green flags first for as much time ahead you can afford. They are those who bring you the most greens in your pocket. I hope now it is clear if it wasn’t already.

  5. boema6 Says:

    Important update!!!!
    Happy birthday to neobux.com! New changes took place since the third candle in the cake. Now, the same flags help you filter your referrals. For example you want to pay for 90 more daythis for all the referrals that expire after 10 days. You flag them all with the blue flag and then go to flag filter and chose the blue colored flag: it wll list you all the referrals with less than 10 days until expiry. Select all and press keep them for 90 more days. Done, you didn’t have to jump from a box to another to check those referrals, you had all of them in one place thus making the process much easier. Enjoy this new toy, flag filter!

  6. IHatelies Says:

    It seems like you are one of the chosen promoters for the site neobux. If you are, for sure, then you’re talking for your own benefit , not for the public. First, the profit margin from each bot is a joke. Averaging like 2 or below does not yield profit. It doesn’t matter how many bots you rent, the bots are acting or programmed like that. So why go through all this mass and try to recycle them. It cost a lot of money. If you recycle a lot for each bot, then my friend why rent the bot at the begining , no sense at all. Imagine if you end up with a lot of referals, then figure out the disaster. I don’t have a super brain, but if you ask an elementary kid will figure it out. This is not rocket science.

  7. boema6 Says:

    Hi, IHatelies, I hate lies too, but I am glad to disappoint you just this once and just in this aspect: I am not at all a chosen promoter, on the contrary, I tried to post the link to this article on the forum and it was deleted and I got a warning, I am just a happy customer. I mean, I lost once 20 referrals as I haven\’t been active enough and I didn\’t earn all the clicks from my rented referrals, which, by that time, including the direct referrals were slightly over 100, and further more, I couldn\’t pay the ones who expired. But I learned my lesson well. My own mistakes were my best teacher. I learn while having lots of fun. So, don\’t you ever let a \”lazy\” referral stay with an average below 1 for more than a maximum three days, 7 cents is next to nothing to change him with someone better. Yes, you are right, it is a no brainer that every mistake costs you. I don\’t know what particular mistake you have done that you are complaining, but I promise you that, if you are still an active member, it is never too late to put your account back on profit. There are still features that I don\’t master, like the graphics, but what I master I can speak about, so please see that you do not rent from the start more than you can pay for 90 days at once, preferable not out of your pocket, and make use of the new blue flag feature to signal let us say, referrals who started green, but became yellow in a period of about 10 days. When they reached their tenth day of inactivity flag them blue or white, as to monitor if they click recently. If not, that referral will be replaced for free when reaches 14 days of inactivity. REMEMBER I am talking only about green that went yellow here, not let us say orange that went red, not even yellow that went orange. Check again the color code and you will know what I mean. You simply can\’t afford to fire a green referral who has a bad period in his life, and turned to yellow, who most probably will get back to green before 14 days when will be automatically replaced. Good luck!

  8. IHateLies Says:

    hi. Can you explain to me why the rented(bot) referals are acting in this way: They start averaging like 4 then gradually the averages drop down to 2 or even below 1.5. If I visit the site and I know that I have only 4 adds to click for the day, then I will click on all those adds. I don’t click on only two and exit the site. So it’s weird how the referals are acting unless they programmed like that. For example, in my case I have only 13 of them, almost half of them average 2 and below and some of the other half click one day and not click another day. If I play around like recycling then I will end up losing money with no profit at all. My profit will be negative and end up using money from my pocket to deal with the referals. I doubt we can make a profit from these referals.

  9. boema6 Says:

    Hi, Ihatelies, allow me to congratulate yo that you are still a member. Second, I don\’t claim I know all about neobux.com, on the contrary, am always learning, that\’s why I will answer to your question with I think. I think greens getting yellow and even orange after some time has to do with 2 things: 1) the time of clicking according to the server time and current time. It happened to me in days of bad Internet connections to wait a lot for ads to load, as much as to appear that I clicked 2 ads in a day and other two the next day. Not all our referrals know the rule to click almost in the same period of time daily 2) I thought the same as you, once, that this is a pattern, it is how they are programmed, but this only before noticing that the rented referrals are always filtered vertically upon the newest first criteria. The most loyal rented referral was the last one in my list. Since December 2009, for many months he got my eyes used to adapt from over 10 orange bots to green. He was like a flower in the desert. I started to love the fact that someone in the world is constantly at my service, when a strange thing happened. It stopped clicking. I was afraid he will be replaced automatically when a miracle happened. He started again to click four clicks a day, but to no avail, the grass got dry. He is to the day, yellow, with a 3.4 avg. Hopefully he will recover and delight my eyes again with the green background. It is a \”game\” of chance after all, all our life is left to chance, a one can not totally control it, so how to control other people\’s clicks. But don\’t you think this Jill or Joe would have been programmed just like the sises and bros over neobux, if it was a mandatory pattern to stay green only for few days then go yellow and orange? Think about it. I told you I can afford to monitor closely my rented referrals and I had many flagged red who turned yellow. Do only what is in your hands, keep positive and make it a way of live. Contact me by clicking my user name here to tell you what meant by way of life. don\’t want to spam here with unsolicited ads.

  10. IHateLies Says:

    hi again. I need to tell you something else in regards to adverts. Last week I clicked on 4 of them given to me that day. Then while visiting the site again during afternoon(I don’t remember exact time), come to find out another 4 adds were ready to be clicked. I clicked like crazy. But the next day no adverts were given to me and the site telling me that I haven’t read any adverts for the day. So I will not recieve any credit for my referal clicks. What? I waited and waited till refresh time but there was no more adverts coming in that day. What a loss! Next day I had to suffer the consequences. I tried to issue a ticket but the forum is kinda weird to me. I contacted support about this whole situation to get an answer, but I did not get any response. Do they answer trouble tickets? Thanks

  11. boema6 Says:

    Hi, it happened to me to find 4 brand new ads beside the first 4, but guess what, I have been paid for clicking them. It appeared that I clicked 8, and I waited in tense, believing that i won’t receive the next four; but I did receive them. So, my advice to you, is to note by the end of each day how many total clicks you have. the information is available when you click your name, in the left side of the screen. You may read you haven’t click any ad today, but in fact to have been paid for. The forum proved very helpful to me, when one of my direct referrals had a logging problem. The only “discrimination” that I noticed on the forum, but I can understand that, has to do with users who have received payment but did not post in the “been paid” page. If you have been paid admit it there and see what will happen. Keep me informed, please.

  12. reaven Says:

    hi! could you explain to me how to change the background colors of cursor? :O I am not sure if I understood your idea :(

  13. boema6 Says:

    Hi, reaven
    Thank you for reading my post and for commenting. Click the rented referrals icon or link, up in the middle of the page you will see a tricolor bar with 2 blue dots by default fixed at 1 and 3. Drag the first one to 1.5 and the second one to 3.5, then save. Automatically the backgrounds will get the color defined by you this way: a referral with an average up to 1.5 will have a red background, one with an average clicks between 1.5 and 3.5 wll have a yellow background and one with more than 3.5 will have a green color in the background. I hope this answered your question.

  14. boema6 Says:

    I guess Neobux is not the best after all. I am very disappointed. My son who is my direct referral on Neobux views ads from the PC while I do from laptop, via wireless connection. The Adsl service was down for one week and we had to use a dial-up modem connection. Only the laptop has a dial up modem incorporated, the PC doesn’t. So when my son used my laptop he dialed a different number than the one dialed when I did my ad clicks and we thought that would be a different IP. Unfortunately Neobux does not leave space for explanations and treats all the unfortunate incidents like breach of terms and conditions. Now we are both suspended and I am very much disappointed. I guess I will quit clicking altogether. It’s not like losing too many a battle but like losing all the war. :( (

  15. Prettyface Says:

    Hi. if I will be renting a referral would I be paying neobux for that? And how do I earn more referrals? Thank you

  16. boema6 Says:

    While direct referrals are free and you get them by promoting your referral link, rented referrals are bought from neobux; you can pay either from your earnings on neobux or directly from your payment processor account (paypal, alertpay, neteller)
    I remind you that I was wrongfully banned and I am no longer a member of neobux.

  17. Abdurrahman Says:

    sorry to hear about your loss, i had a similar case a while back, but i got over the loss and rejoined neobux, with a more cautious mind.
    ,if not neobux, what do you do?, plz do tell ,if it’s better i want a try at it too!
    live happy!

  18. boema6 Says:

    Assalam alekom brother Abdurrahman,
    Thank you for your comment and concern, yes, I mentioned in the brief comment, the only PTC I am doing now is:
    As a free member earnings are much higher than the neobux earnings, about 25 cents daily if you catch only one shift, 50 cents if you catch the two shifts
    I hope this answer is at your liking. Good luck!

  19. adnan Says:

    salam …well i m also using bux.to and its way better than neo …i wanna ask a question a question related to bux.to …my brother also want to use the same site bux.to and we got one dsl line and unfortunately only one pc ?
    so i want help …plz reply . . . .
    khuda hafiz

  20. boema6 Says:

    Alekom assalam, brother Adnan
    You can only handle the matter with extreme care. Use the same computer only if you are 100% sure you have also a dial up modem on your PC and can make your brother’s account on that connection, with no mistakes. Otherwise, no way, you could lose all your efforts. Good luck!

  21. boema6 Says:

    I am back on game, just as brother Abdurahman said, more cautious; my user is simsimswife.

  22. Giorgos Says:

    hello boema first of all i am happy you goind again
    I thank you very much for the tip with the flags it is helping me very much.
    I believed there was a meaning for the colors but i didn’t know hoe to use them.
    You made it clear to me your the best.
    Please tell me is Buxto trusted?
    because i have been clickind there.

  23. boema6 Says:

    Giorgos, I am verry happy to have received a comment from Greece or Cyprus (all the same spirit). I mean it! You are most welcome. I can’t swear (who can) that bux.to will pay me when I reach the 50 dollars, but I usually trust my guts and they didn’t fail me too often. I am close to the payout so I will keep you informed of how it goes. Thank you very much once again for your comment.

  24. Giorgos Says:

    i hope you do get your payment
    i am at 8.56 only
    hoe about onbux?
    what do you think about it
    and globobux

  25. Nick boy age22 Says:

    Asalam O Alikum how Are you*03332467669..03422208412

  26. Manvir Says:

    Hey I Love the post, and comments and your long replies! Keep it up you helped a lot of people! :)

  27. boema6 Says:

    Thank you, Manvir, for your comment

  28. Vasile Says:

    IHateLies said something about the low average of the referrals. also reffered to as BOTS:

    “If you recycle a lot for each bot, then my friend why rent the bot at the begining , no sense at all”


    “hi. Can you explain to me why the rented(bot) referals are acting in this way: They start averaging like 4 then gradually the averages drop down to 2 or even below 1.5. If I visit the site and I know that I have only 4 adds to click for the day, then I will click on all those adds. I don’t click on only two and exit the site. So it’s weird how the referals are acting unless they programmed like that.”

    My question here is are all the referrals registered human users to that specific PTC site or are there (beside human referrals) bot referrals (computer referrals generated and registered on that site as referral by the site admin and programmed to click ads – even have a descending clicks average) ?

    thank you !

  29. Vasile Says:

    what about bux.to ? is it a trusted PTC site ? Have you reached the $50 cashout limit yet ?

  30. boema6 Says:

    Hi, Vasile,
    Your name seems Romanian or Moldovan. Thank you for commenting. I wish I were a real guru here, but unfortunately I am not. I can just guess the answer. The human factor, you start clicking and have the intention to do all the four clicks, something interferes and you find your self with just one or two clicks by the time they expire. Anyway, I don\’t think that the average is counted the way suggested by you and ihatelies. I believe that if you have done all your clicks each time you logged in but you have been absent let\’s say for two days, your average will decrease, the number of clicks will be divided to the whole week, thus giving you an average of less than four clicks a day that week.
    About the second question:
    My Stats – Cashout/Convert – My History – My Profile – Referrals for you – Upgrade – Messenger (0)
    To refer others, use http://bux.to/?r=boema6

    To read daily news, announcements and updates click HERE – UPDATED: March 14, 2011

    Your Statistics
    # of Website Visits

    Your Referral Statistics
    # of Referrals (view)
    # of Referral Website Visits

    Additional Credit/Debit
    # of Credit/Debit (view)

    Balance Information
    Account Balance (cashout)
    $ 49.7100
    Total Amount Paid
    $ 0.0000
    PS. I believe they will pay, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my referrals’ time and mine.

  31. boema6 Says:

    Sorry, Giorgos, I just noticed your second comment. Yes, globobux and onbux are fine. I am just getting accustomed to them. All I can say is that the rules I talked about around neobux apply to onbux and globobux. With the last sour experience I won’t hurry to buy more than three referrals at once before I make sure that they are good clickers.

  32. Giorgos Says:

    thank you boema
    for the respond

  33. Sachin Says:

    Thanks for the tip, but I have some doubts about neobux. So can you contact me via email so I can ask you everything… Email : me.sachin@hotmail.com

    Hope you’ll mail me.:)

  34. Apoorv Says:

    go to this website to start earning now…
    I earned 24 cents In just one Day

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