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Mon, Feb 2, 2009, by mmblxbx

Money Making

Is it really a one dollar cash out?

1dollarPTC is another paid-to-click sites that has a brilliant idea to make money. The site is loaded with hundreds of advertisers that want you to see their ads and websites. 1dollarPTC channels these advertisers to viewers that want money, but are tricked into making the website money.

The way things are organized at this website is that you click ads and you are credited with an amount of money. This money varies from $1.00 to $5.00. That sounds like you would be rich before you know it right? Wrong. The system is that you collect this money until you reach balance of about $5,000.00.

But before then you receive an equivalent of 10 percent every month. This does not happen in most cases. I have experienced it. When you click the ads money is added to your balance, but all your balance is just a pretty picture to look at. It will take you a month to reach your goal of five thousand dollars.

Then once you reach it you don’t know if you will be able to cashout. The PTC said that you would receive monthly payments, but during that time you find none of the said payments reach you acount.

One account that was reported was that when the person asked for a payment his balance was reduced by ten percent. Meaning ten percent of the balance he had was reduced another ten percent leaving with a few dollars. Then on top of that the site that the payment was sent to charged all of the received payment as a transaction fee.

If you really want to earn money, go get a late night job and earn some extra money. These sites will ninety percent of the time not be able to pay their viewers.

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  1. Asad Says:

    1dollarptc is not paying well
    it is doing scam with people

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