10 Weird Things That Sell Well on Ebay That You Would Normally Throw Away

Sun, May 4, 2008, by Littlepixie

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10 items that sell well on eBay though most people usually throw them away.

I have found that people buy the strangest things. Things that I would normally think about throwing out, however since doing some research on ebay, I have now started listing these items on eBay and people buy them!

  1. Carrier Bags

    Yes the humble carrier bag is always in demand on ebay. It is usually the designer carrier bags, or the study kind of women’s clothes store bags with the rope style handles that do well, and any kind of unusual looking bags as people collect these.

  2. Empty Perfume Bottles

    Empty perfume bottles are good sellers on ebay for two reasons. If you take some refillable perfume bottles (for example Angel perfume) back to a stockist, you can often get the bottle refilled with the perfume for less than it costs to buy a brand new bottle. Also, people collect perfume bottles, especially designer names, unusual shape bottles, miniatures and limited edition bottles.

  3. Empty Ink Catridges

    These sell well on eBay as people buy them and refill them which is much more environmentally friendly than buying new ones all the time.

  4. Theme Park Guides

    Some people like to collect these kind of things, especially if it is somewhere they have visited for example and have lost or damaged their original one.

  5. Craft Items

    Craft items can range from cardboard toilet rolls, pieces of shiny paper, bits of ribbon from chocolate boxes, buttons etc. Anything like this which is usually discarded can be stored and when you have a reasonable amount of mixed items, list it on ebay as craft items and your pieces of junk could be someone elses treasure, just what they need to start or finish their next craft project.

  6. Coupons and Vouchers

    If you have any sort of coupons or vouchers for particular brands or stores and you are not going to use them, put them on ebay because somebody will want them. Say, for example you have £10 off for a particular store that you got for free through the post. Put it on eBay, and if you get, for example £7 for it, you have made £7 and the winning bidder has then earnt £3 off his or her favourite store. You both win!

  7. Old Postcards

    It doesn’t matter if they are old, or have writing on the back of them, there are many people who collect postcards of all kinds of things, funny ones, landmarks, scenery, animals. Put together a bundle and get them listed on ebay.

  8. Old Concert Tickets and Programmes

    Fans and collectors will pay money for your old ticket stubs and programmes from concerts and gigs.

  9. Broken Electrical Items

    If you have an electrical item, camera, hand held game machine or anything along those lines that is broken and you think it is beyond repair, don’t throw it away. As long as you state clearly in your listing that the item is broken you can list it on ebay, and people always buy these sort of things. There is usually someone that knows how to fix them, or are just looking for working parts out of them to fix their own.

  10. Old mobile Phones

     Again, like the electrical items, it doesn’t matter if they are working or not, as long as you state if they are faulty or broken in the listing. These sell well for the parts.

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  1. Mike Says:

    That is pretty interesting. It always amazes me what sells on Ebay. If you want to know the most watched items on Ebay, go to http://www.onlineauctionnow.com

  2. Val Mills Says:

    Unfortunately, selling old postcards isn’t as easy as you make it sound. You need to know what collectors need. Like stamps and coins, just any old postcard doesn’t make the grade. Believe it or not, it’s quite a serious hobby worldwide. Cheers, :-)

  3. Linni Says:

    This was pretty interesting. I am having a massive cleanout of all my old stuff, some I am giving away to friends and charities, the other stuff I am selling online. Thanks alot. I have so much to sell, now I know the basis of Ebay!

  4. aron madella Says:

    It is great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article

  5. DodgyMoney Says:

    People do buy some weird things – I wrote an article about this and the lucrative eBay market for used womens shoes: http://dodgymoney.blogspot.com/2011/06/weird-things-that-sell-on-ebay.html

  6. Ben Stuart Says:

    Intresting article, thanks. I like what I saw on ebay the other day, some kids told one of their parents to put a sweet wrapper on ebay to see what it goes (so a used one, no sweet included) when I last checked someone had already bidded a couple of pence (and they did say they would give all proceedes to chairty).

  7. daniela stacio Says:

    Cool! Very informative!

  8. daniela stacio Says:

    Cool! Very informative!

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