10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid for Your Photos

Sun, Feb 22, 2009, by iakul

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While most of us are familiar with image hosting sites like Flickr and Photobucket, not all of us are aware that there are a number of sites out there where we can actually get paid for uploading our photos.

While, most of us are familiar with image hosting sites like Flickr and Photobucket, not all of us are aware that there are a number of sites out there where we can actually get paid for uploading our photos. Here’s 10 of them.

1. Big Stock Photo

At Big Stock Photo, users have to pay whenever they opt to download a photo and/or purchase a license to use a photo that has been uploaded. Big Stock Photo splits the revenue generated from these purchases with the photographer who uploaded the photo/s. Typically, a photographer will earn from $0.50 to $3.00 per download, depending on the size of the image downloaded. Payment to photographers is made via Paypal when your account balance reaches $30 USD, or $50 USD if you opt to be paid by cheque.

2. Dreamstime

Dreamstime has a similar format to Big Stock Photo. Users pay whenever they download a photo, and photographers get a cut out of the proceeds. Payout threshold is at $100 USD though and here, how much a photo download is worth depends on how many downloads it has already received, instead of a flat rate for all photos. For example, for photos which have just been uploaded, a photographer will earn between $0.50 USD to $3.00 USD for non-exclusive images. If that same photo has already been downloaded more than 100 times though, it’ll earn the photographer $4.50 USD to $7 USD per download. Payment is made via Paypal, Payoneer, MoneyBookers or by cheque.

3. Shuttershock

At Shuttershock, users don’t pay whenever they download a photo. Instead, they pay a monthly subscription fee and can download a certain number of photos each day. Photographers get paid $0.25 USD per download, although that gets bumped up to $0.30 USD once your photos have been downloaded at least 2000 times. Payout threshold is at $75 if you opt to be paid via Paypal or Moneybookers, or $300USD if you opt to be paid by cheque.

4. Picable

For those of you who are Triond users, you should already be familiar with Picable. Instead of getting paid whenever your photo is sold, you get paid every time your photo gets viewed. Payout threshold is at $0.50 if Payment is made via Paypal, or $50 USD for Western Union or by cheque.

5. Shareapic

At Sharapic, like Picable, you get paid whenever someone views your pictures. Currently the rate is set at $1.00 USD per 4500 image views and payment is made via Paypal when your balance has reached at least $20 USD.

Note: They have a policy of pro-rating their payment. Although they have stated that the reason for this is because they get paid less for Asian and Indian traffic, as users are unable to check what percentage of their traffic actually come from Asia and India, it has led to a number of disgruntled users(and ex-users). However, as far as I can tell from my findings, Shareapic is legit.

Additional note: I’m also aware that India is part of Asia, however, I have no idea where Shareapic thinks India is.

6. SharedImages.org

At SharedImages, you’ll earn $1 USD when you sign up, and you’ll earn $1 per 1000 unique visitors who view your photos. Payment is not automatic. You’ll have to request payment when your account reaches $5 USD, which will be sent within 5 business days. Payment is made via E-Gold, Liberty Reserve, ePassporte or PayPal. The unique thing about SharedImages is that it allows adult content. This has proven to be a turnoff for me though. Not because I’m a morally upright person who’s uncomfortable with porn. But simply because with the staggering number of porn photos being uploaded there, no one bothers with the “Safe for Work” photos. Case in point, ALL my photos have yet to earn a single cent since I joined in September 08′. Still, it probably could be the site for you if a large part of your photo collection is of an “Adults Only” nature. And if you don’t mind the bad Engrish on the site.

Note: SharedImages has a “traffic quality” stat that they keep track of for every account. This stat tracks where your traffic comes from and you’ll only be able to request payment if you have a score of at least 6.5 ( out of a maximum possible 10)

7. Ziddu

Ziddu is not just a photo hosting site. It’s a file hosting site. So, besides uploading photos, you can upload your video clips and songs there. You get paid $0.001 USD whenever someone plays your video/song or click on a thumbnail of your photos. Payment is made via Paypal or Moneybookers when your balance hits $10 USD.

8. Micro Stock Photo

At Micro Stock Photo, you get paid 35% commission whenever they sell a photo you have uploaded. Which would work out to either $0.35 USD or $0.70 USD you earn per sale, depending on the size of the photo purchased. Payment is made via Paypal when your balance reaches $50 USD.

9. PhotoSpin

At PhotoSpin, you “receive a 50% revenue split for exclusive images to PhotoSpin or a 40% revenue split for non-exclusive images”. Since they only offer yearly subscription plans for their members, I really have no idea what a “50% revenue split” would mean. This and a few other signs do make me suspicious about the site. However ,I have also found no concrete evidence to indicate that the site is not what it is. Payment is made via Paypal or by cheque whenever your balance reaches $50 USD.

Note: As this is a site I have my suspicions about I would appreciate it if any readers who have had any experience with PhotoSpin to leave a comment. Of course, comments about anything else I have touched on in this article would also be welcome.

10. I Stock Photo

At I Stock Photo, photos uploaded earn you 20% commission whenever a sales is made. If you are eligible for exclusivity, that jumps up to 40%. I Stock Photo charges from $1 USD for an x small photo to $21 USD for an xx large photo, which would work out to $0.20 USD to $4.20 USD a photographer would make per sale. Payment is made via Payoneer, cheque, Paypal or Moneybookers when your balance reaches $100 USD.

And there you have it, 10 sites where you can get paid for your photos.

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  1. Maria Blazz Says:

    I didn’t know about these sites. I’ll share this article with some photographer friends, thanks.

  2. Mary Patricia Bird Says:

    Great information. Thanks!

  3. Mike Says:

    Good list and descriptions.

    I am using some of them to sell photos, though i would sort them otherwise..

    My favorite is shutterstock, then goes dreamstime, fotolia and others. I got a list for myself (http://designbeginshere.com), maybe shall you find any links there useful too (or add them to the list above).

    In general, i’d like to admit, there are at most ten sites where you’ll get any considerable sales, others seem completely dead.

  4. Linda Says:

    I, too, am looking for information on Photospin. Their site is very nice and very easy to use. I have uploaded about 40 images and have active sales. I don’t understand the payout, either. Sometimes for an image, I get .02 (two pennies); other times I’ve received 1.25. There have been times when I have sold more than the day before, but see that my total dollar amount is less. (That will probably only make sense to other Photospin contributors.) I’m thinking I need to look elsewhere.

  5. gaffneygirl Says:

    This is a great resource, thanks.

  6. evviesands Says:

    Great article, though it would have been great if you included what minimum resolution they want the pics in. For instance, I’m just a beginner photographer, and I don’t think all these sites are good for me (or vice versa, actually!)

    I’ve been trying Triond so far.

  7. oldest_kid Says:

    thaks a lot for this infos

  8. simplyoj Says:

    Thanks for this sites. :-D

  9. Shutterstock Says:

    quite useful. thank your for your efforts.

  10. Adrie mesapati Says:

    Good information..I’ll try it. Thank you iakul…:-D

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