10 Items to Get You Rich on Ebay

Sun, Feb 10, 2008, by Jacob Rhyne

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A list of 10 items that you likely own and can get you rich on Ebay. Many of these items may be items that you would never have known could earn you lots of money.

This is a list of 10 great items to place for sale on Ebay. They are all items you have around your house and that you may not have realized could get you a ton of money. You should always check how much money you can get for the item before you place it on Ebay. My best tip is to remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Good luck selling and earning.

  1. Old Coins- If you have any antique or old coins laying around your house you have a goldmine of stuff to sell on Ebay. Old coins are usually quite valuable and collectors will pay top dollar for coins that they want for their collection. All you have to do is look on the internet and see how much money you should get for each coin and then post them for sale on Ebay. You need to consider the year the coin was made, where it was minted (the mintmark should be located on the coin) and of course what type of coin it is. Foreign coins are also great items to put up for sale.
  2. Old Books- In the past you may have considered old books as junk, but I’m here to tell you they can be worth a ton of money. Look around your house for any old books, but especially ones at least 100 years in age. You should then look up the book on the internet. Be sure to include the title, author, publisher, and year printed as these will affect the price you can get.
  3. Electronics- Any old electronics you have laying around your house will make great items to sell on Ebay. You may no longer use these items so go ahead and place them on Ebay. People are always looking for bargain electronics on Ebay and you can make quite a bit of money by selling to them.
  4. Jewelry- If you have any jewelry at your house that you don’t wear or don’t foresee wearing put it on Ebay. Jewelry can be worth a lot of money. Simply get all your sellable jewelry appraised and then place it on Ebay.
  5. Artwork- Any paintings, sculpture or other types of art, especially antiques are great to sell on Ebay. Collectors always look for art on Ebay and you can take advantage. Again get things appraised before you put them on Ebay if you don’t know how much their worth.
  6. CDs/DVDs/Games- You probably have tons of these around your house. I suggest you take the ones you no longer use and put them for sale on Ebay. These items are worth more to you in the form of money in your pocket then they are laying around your house.
  7. Unopened merchandise- Anything you have that is new or unopened is perfect to place on Ebay. New or unopened items are usually worth more than items that have been opened. Collectors in particular love unopened items.
  8. Antiques- Anything old or antique will make great items. Almost anything that is old is collectable. As a rule I would say that anything that is 100 years old and man-made is collectable and therefore valuable for sale on Ebay.
  9. Vintage items- Vintage items are always sought-after by collectors. Anything from Beatles memorabilia to old Jordan sneakers. If the item has a large fan following/base of fans and or support, then the item will be great to place on Ebay.
  10. Rare, otherwise worthless items- This is an interesting category. I can’t really explain exactly what I mean except to give you an example. Believe it or not, an unusually large Cheeto, perhaps the biggest of all time, was sold on Ebay for several hundred dollars. If you can find anything else like this, a rare item that a crazy person might buy, put it on Ebay because you have nothing to lose. Just remember, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
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    Good guide to follow, though I find it hard to sell on ebay these days.

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