Tips to Get Direct Referrals for Ptc Sites

Sun, Nov 21, 2010, by bharathiyar


Getting direct referrals in ptc sites is not easy task. But when we find the right path to get direct referrals we get gain for our referrals clicks too.

            Every one of us are working hard in ptc sites clicking ads daily. Our work would get more profit only when we have direct referrals under us.  Direct referrals are easy to get when you are find the right path to get them under you.  Some tips to get direct referrals:

·         First and foremost you have to build a good looking blog or own a site which gives clearly what the site is and how much an ad gives earning. Show your payment proof which helps to gain confidence. Always promote legit sites in your blog. It is good for you and to your referrals.

·         Socializing site helps you much. Advertising in socializing sites in the concerned groups and tweet your ptc sites.

·         Referral exchange program- another powerful tool for getting direct referrals. You can get direct referral for your site in turn join under them. Both get advantage with this mutual sign up.

·         If you are ready to spend money, go for sign up offers in the GPT sites which is very cheap to advertise in them.

·         Never ever thought you can get referrals through traffic exchange sites. Because traffic exchange sites are used for only traffic purpose and the users are ready to click for those credits.

·         Advertise in other ptc sites which are legit one. You can get direct referrals through this method.

·         Last one, try to promote among your relatives and friends whom are interested in earning through internet and explain to them about ptc sites for earning through clicks.

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  1. PTC Sites Says:

    awesome guide to get direct referrals.

  2. Sajeev Sankaran Says:

    Nice tips to earn referrals
    Here is mine

    the thing i know if if we spend some money on adv we can quickly get referrals but if we just don’t do that we can still get referral but as quick as we would like

  3. bharathiyar Says:

    Thanks Sajeev, we have to invest the money rightly to get the referrals or else it would be a lose

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