Textfree Minutes Hack

Sat, Nov 27, 2010, by Ganaray


This guide will teach you how to exploit the new Textfree calling feature.

Hey guys, I recently was asked to join the beta for the new Textfree calling. I’m not sure if this is new or anything but I found a way to exploit it very quickly. Textfree will charge you to buy minutes or get free minutes to download apps. Below you will find the requirements and how to do it. Enjoy.



1. Jailbroken iDevice

2. Be in the Textfree Calling Beta



1. If you have Installous, skip to step 9. If you do not have Installous, continue

2. Open “Cydia”

3. Click on “Manage”

4. Click on “Sources”

5. Click on “Edit”

6. Click on “Add”

7. Type in “http://cydia.hackulo.us/”

8a. Click on “Add Source”

8b. You will get a warning message, just agree

9. After you have returned to Cydia, click on “Search”

10. Type in “Installous”

11. Install it

12. Open “Textfree”

13. Open “Keypad”

14. Click on “Minutes Left #”

15. Click on “Earn FREE Minutes”

16. Look for a paid app

17. Click on it to be taken to the App Store

18. Press the Home button

19. Open “Installous”

20. Click on “Search”

21. Type in the app name

(Not all apps will be on Installous)

22. Download and Install the app

23. Open the app and try it out (REQUIRED)

24. Textfree will check to see if you have downloaded and used the app

(It may take a few second to minutes for Textfree to recognize the app)

25. You will get a notification saying “You’ve earned # voice minutes!”

26. You just got free minutes. Enjoy


As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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