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Tue, Sep 11, 2012, by Rocky Hossain Hridoy


When it comes to search engine optimizing (SEO) industry, many people believe that quality content is important.

When it comes to search engine optimizing (SEO) industry, many people believe that quality content is important. This point has been criticized ever since the first day when this point was used. In my opinion, I truly believe that this is true; because without quality contents, the search engines would not give your website their time. You may be asking yourself what SEO copywriting means?

SEO copywriting refers to: writing quality contents with the aim of ranking you’re your website high in commercial search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When your website ranks high on the search engines result page (SERP) means that you are getting a lot of traffic to that site.

Why do you need SEO techniques?

When you ask any website owner what their aim is; Am sure that they will answer you that their aim is to increase traffic to their site. Therefore, they must have and SEO expert who will make sure that their rank will increase. SEO professionals will attest to the fact that competition for a higher SERP is tough.

Therefore, by applying various techniques, SEO copywriting is considered desirable by search engines. If they do not, the site will go down fast from the ranking.

The different styles of SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting helps search engines in holding a stable rank, although they may rank a page differently through their respective algorithms. With this in mind, I discourage taking writing lightly if you consider your website to be your business.

1.       Create news articles

Though some people believe that news stories are boring, they are highly informative bits of content. It answers the basic guidelines of 5W’s and 1H (what, when, where, who, why and how) this will increase traffic to your website hence it will rank high. In other words, you will capture the interest of your readers by writing interesting news and hence increase traffic to your site.

2.       Think talk shows

Think of all the talk shows in the television. What do they have in common; The Q&A (question and answer) session. Therefore to increase traffic to your website make, sure that you have a place where your readers can ask questions and also comment on a particular post. This will not only make your readers understand your blog easily but it will bring traffic to your website.

3.       Engage through letters

Due to the advancement of technology, letters are almost a lost art. Therefore when you write contents that have the old fashioned letter format, your readers will be interested in reading its content thereby increasing traffic to your website.

4.       Make sure you have “how to-s”

There are some topics that are really complicated for one to understand. If a particular topic is too complicated for a straightforward article, it may require a step-by-step guide for the readers to understand it easier. Therefore, creating a how to article will give you a better way to elaborate on another complex article.

Tips on how to be the best SEO copywriter

To be the best content writer, here are some tips that you should follow. They are:-

1.       Write quality content

Quality content is the most important thing when it comes to SEO copy writing. Make sure you use correct grammar and spelling. Furthermore, make sure that your article is flowing.

2.       Use points and lists

To make your content more visible as well as attract readers, you must make sure that you have a content that is attractable to their eyes as well as it is easy for them to read. Make sure that you have important points.

Remember, organizing your work well is an important and helpful thing.

3.       Use keywords

Using keywords in content is an important thing for an SEO copywriter. Through keywords, search engines will be able to rank your site as well as your blog can be visible to all to read when they search it.

4.       Use META tags

When you are uploading an article, make sure that you include a META tags in your title keyword as well as description tag. This will help Google and any other search engines to determine your rank.

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