Review of Triond Network Sites in Terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Sun, Dec 5, 2010, by Fornis


A quick and simple review of 18 Triond network sites (article publishing sites) in terms of their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capability.

First the list of the 18 article publishing sites in the Triond network as listed on the Triond home page before we login:

  • Quazen                        
  • AuthSpot
  • Gameolosophy            
  • HealthMad
  • Notecook                    
  • Socyberty
  • Gomestic                     
  • Trifter
  • Bizcovering                  
  • Sportales
  • Telewatcher                 
  • Cinemaroll
  • Webupon                    
  • Bookstove
  • Computersight             
  • Musicouch
  • Writinghood                
  • PurpleSlinky

Any content publishing site hosts their user generated content on the same site that it hosts the user profile data or admin data. But Triond is unique in that it hosts these on several websites based on the category or subject of the article. There were several advantages from this to Triond more than that to the user. It helps pay more accurate earnings based on number of views for each article. But the recent months showed that the earnings are highly varied which could be due to new advertising partners. It also helps Triond to avoid those bad overloaded days while users are logging in. When one content site crashes due to overloading, others are spared.

Two aspects make these sites differ in their SEO. Each of the 18 Triond websites differ in terms of their page rank and the linkwithin links. You should ignore all the outbrain links as no search engine counts them for SEO. Below is the Google page rank value of these sites:

  • Triond Network site     G.P.R.
  • Quazen                         4
  • AuthSpot                     4
  • Gameolosophy             4
  • HealthMad       5
  • Notecook         4
  • Socyberty         4
  • Gomestic          4
  • Trifter               4
  • Bizcovering       4
  • Sportales                      4
  • Telewatcher      4
  • Cinemaroll        4
  • Webupon         4
  • Bookstove        4
  • Computersight              4
  • Musicouch        4
  • Writinghood     4
  • PurpleSlinky     4

You can notice that all sites have same PR of 4 except HealthMad with 5. Actually I missed which is actually the one that shouldn’t be missed at all. It wasn’t shown on Triond home page so pardon me. Scienceray too has a Google page rank of 5.

  • Now the important thing about home page PR is that it shows the “by default” capabilities of articles published on these sites to achieve good Article Success Ratio without any promotional activities on your part (no Facebook, no twitter, no digg/stumbles/reds/shares). The higher is this value the higher is the default ASR. That is more articles out of a set of articles become quite river kind of articles. This is assuming about similar quality of articles.
  • As you can see Healthmad and Scienceray turned out to have highest PR. This is the reason I always said these are the sites that have huge potential. A massive content writer or quantity writer should focus on these. And coincidentally or intentionally the prolific Triond writer Kristie Leong MD’s all articles are into one of these to give good success to her. Congrats Kristie! There are many others too like Nobert S. Bermosa, R J Evans, Chan LP, Joie Schmidt etc. in my known friends. R J Evans is having a wonderful time outside Triond (his blog webphemera is at an astounding 5!).
  • I have been noticing these values for over a year and saw lot of fluctuations in these. The two sites used to have good PR before October last year and all of a sudden two bad things happened. Digg and Stumbleupon, the two popular social bookmarking sites, changed their link strategy which drastically reduced all sites PR and many have noticed their views and earnings dramatically going down. Triond changed their strategy to outbrain links which search engines don’t count, which also dramatically impacted this.
  • Triond was dropped dead in October last year. As a Triond writer you must have noticed your view counts progressively going up through this year (2010) since Febraury. It is because these PR values started going up steadily. This is because any reputed site gets back its ranks with time to a saturation limit after which it can take very long time to gain a step more. The current values seem to be their stable values. Actually Scienceray had it at 6 in the last quarter. I also noticed that few days back Healthmad was at 4 and Authspot was at 3. These down steps indicate that Scienceray is actually more powerful in SEO than Healthmad site.

If you go with quantity writing without doing anything else like the professionals do, you may first take these into consideration. More quantity is needed for sites with lower SEO values to get better traffic/pageview counts. So Authspot isn’t bad, you just need to publish more and more.

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    Since not everyone knows what you know, this is a pot of gold for us, Triond writers. Thank you for sharing this information. Greatly appreciated, really.

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  6. Richie Montalbo Says:

    Sometimes I get higher eCPM for Authspot articles. But I admit that they get near zero views after a few days.

    The PR value depends on how much inbound links to the site. Which also depends on how the users and writers promote their articles. If writers link to their articles from their blogs, forums or from other sites, the PR of the Triond site will improve.

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