How to Make Your Facebook Profile Invisible

Tue, Jan 25, 2011, by NewSheriffInTown


How To Make Your Facebook Profile Invisible.

Here, in just a few short minutes, is how to make your Facebook profile and account all but invisible. No one will be able to see any of our information unless they are an existing friend.

  • Log in. 
  • Click ‘Account’ on top right.
  • Click ‘Privacy settings.
  • Click ‘View settings’
  • Change all of the drop downs to ‘Friends Only’
  • Click ‘Privacy settings’
  • Click ‘Customize settings’ (near bottom)
  • Change all to ‘Only me’
  • Stay on ‘Customize settings’
  • Click ‘Things others share’
  • Disable all settings
  • Click ‘Privacy settings’
  • Go to ‘Apps and Websites’ (bottom left corner)
  • Click ‘Edit Your Settings’
  • Remove anything ou don’t want.
  • Stay on ‘Apps and websites’
  • Click ‘Instant personalization’
  • Click ‘Edit Settings’
  • Uncheck the box at the bottom.
  • Pop up will ask if you’re sure:  respond ‘Yes”
  • Click ‘Apps and Websites’
  • Click ‘Public Search’
  • Click ‘Edit Settings’
  • Uncheck the box.
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