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Sat, Feb 4, 2012, by Magic Quill



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If you have logged on to the internet recently to find that your Google AdSense account has been disabled then you are not alone! I am hearing from numbers of users who have received an email from AdSense claiming that their account has been closed because they violated the terms of Service in some way. I was not lucky enough to have received such an email but my account has been disabled anyway. Rule number one for businesses – Communication.

…but Google is multibillion, so it doesn’t have to abide by the rules of common courtesy!

Your AdSense earnings have vanished and you are left in the dark as to why. You understand that it is against the rules to click on the advertisements showing on your pages

When I first signed up to AdSense they were good to me, paying me an extra income on top of my content earnings. Of course they were! It’s important to be nice to people you about to screw!

This month my account was disabled just on the cusp of payday, with no explanation and nobody available to approach on the matter. Today I attempted to remove AdSense from my pages. I don’t really want advertisements for mature dating sites and anti-wrinkle treatments there anyway! My account has been deactivated from showing on Triond and yet… guess what? the mature ladies and their anti-wrinkle creams are still lurking amongst my writing to haunt me.

AdSense is a scam. They latch onto writer’s pages and make money off us while we get nothing in return. But remember the old adage the devil won’t cross your threshold unless invited…!

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  1. paulc488 Says:

    Im with you on this one Quill, there is a reason why google make more money per member of staff than any other company and that is due to them making up the rules so they can screw the little people like you and me.

    I to have deactivated my adsense ads as although my account is still active google have not updated my earnings since October 2011.

    Sadly google has far to much power on the web.

  2. MJ Taylor Says:

    I once tried adsense some few years ago, but didn’t get a penny so I deactivated it yet they were still leaving ads.

  3. Dora77 Says:

    Magic Quill,

    Its sad..Power corrupts!

  4. Ruby Hawk Says:

    they terminated me owing me almost $100.

  5. FX777222999 Says:

    Weird and not a good move for Adsense.

  6. Lelorbh Says:

    It would seem you aren’t the only person with problems relating to google adsense, the way that they incorporate it into your Triond account is ridiculous…

    For a month my account would’ve had half of the ads blank, instead of redirecting people to other related topics…

    Disabled it, won’t ever use it.. Thanks for reaffirming this belief.

  7. Magic Quill Says:

    I have tried to disable it, but ever since i did that…. its paying me. Hahha. how ironic. I just want it cleaned off my page as I don’t really want anti wrinkle adverts which are complete pufferey.

  8. MarcoG Says:

    How bizarre. Really surprised to read this. I thought google were in the positive camp. Terrible if there is no cust.service to raise queries with. Glad to see on comments you got some money back x

  9. Magic Quill Says:

    i think its all about the small print. like not clicking on your own adds.. even by accident. which i didn’t mean to but hey… it means they can get out of paying me. Adsense is currently suspended for me.

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