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Sat, Jul 14, 2012, by shivk11


My second article to earning money automatically online, this time with Cashbar.

What is a Cashbar? I am sure no body would be able to come up with the answer since the word cashbar is actually orginated from France and it is a small little bar that show advertisement on your computer when you open the bar.

So, how will this benefit us? Basically, the cashbar will show you advertisement in regular intervals and you will earn credits automatically. The credits will then be converted into Euro every month and when you reach the minimum payout, you can request for cashout.

In my previous article, i mentioned using Paid4 autosurf traffic exchange to earn money online automatically. This time, it is the same concept except

  1. This time, you will be surfing/shown advertisement instead of sites
  2. Its not fully automatic unlike Paid4 autosurf, you will be required to enter verification code every now and then to show that you are in front of the computer. This code will usually appear every 2 hour. There are exceptions to this though : 20$2surf does not have this code thing & so does dizeeptp
  3. Credits can be converted to Euros or you can use it to purchase codes used to upgrade your account in the boutique

Once again, every automated earning opportunities online will not give you big income, just residual income. However if you combined all the cashbars listed here and together with the Paid4 autosurf traffic exchange, you can turn your computer into a MASSIVE EARNING MACHINE (AUTOMATICALLY). If you don’t believe me, then i cant do anything, its your loss. But i must mention that i actually managed to earn a total of $100 in a month, and guess what? This can be much higher if you got more referrals than me and use the computer more hours than me. DONT FORGET that you are earning this money without doing anything at all but just sitting in front of your computer doing what you normally do eg. typing articles in triond. So effectively, you are earning much more than you normally would with your online activity

Give it a try to this selected top sites

  1. Awbarre
  2. Dizeeptp
  3. Bubullebarre
  4. Bigptp
  5. 20$2surf
  6. I-gagnant

This list is in no particular order and by no means limited. There are others great sites too.

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