Best Sites for Free Online Anime

Thu, Feb 24, 2011, by eBowenZzz


Here’s some of the best anime sites, whether it’s Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc., they got it all!

Can’t find websites with the anime episodes/movies you want? Try these sites! There’s mostly free, but they still have great English translations and are in high definition. After trying out these sites, i would say that they have very good subs as they actually hire professional translators.

  1. Crunchy Roll
  2. Kumby
  3. Anime Gates
  4. Watch Anime Online
  5. Anime Freak

Those were the top 5 sites that i can think up of right now. They have the best free high-quality episodes and movies, and the sites are always updated with the newest ones. What i love about these sites is that they have more than one sources. For example, if one of the videos don’t work, there are other sources that you can choose and most likely that will work. Just click on the links and choose the title you want to watch. They are always on time in setting up the newest videos, about 12 hours right after the original Japanese videos are released. Enjoy the anime!

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