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Thu, Aug 26, 2010, by rowanman28


These are the best free to join sites where you can make good money, that I have found online, and I have looked at hundreds of different sites. I no longer bother looking at sites that cost money to join, as there are too many scams.

These days, there are more and more free to join sites that allow you to make money popping up online. In fact, many sites will even pay you just to join. So far, I have looked at hundreds of different money making sites, and these two free to join sites seemed to really jump out at me.

Bukisa  is a free to join article writing site, with a three level referral program. Their pay per click rate is $3.22 US per thousand clicks, and they pay a 25% commission on your first level referral’s article earnings, then 5% on theirs, then 1% on theirs.

I already have over fifty referrals to Bukisa, and if they keep coming in at the current rate of about two a day, I will be able to retire from the commission I earn on my referral’s articles. Bukisa is surely one of the best free to join money making opportunities online today.

Sidetick is a free to join social networking site, in fact they pay you a dollar to join. They then pay you for seven levels of referral, one dollar on the first level, then twenty five cents for six levels after that.

You make money from viewing, and being viewed, and you can publish audio, video, photos, blog, etc. You even make money for playing games. When I call it a free to join site, what I mean is one of the best free to join money making sites online today.

I find that Bukisa and Sidetick go very well together, because I can write articles about Sidetick, and how it is the best money making site online, and I can still put my referral link to Bukisa at the bottom of the article.

Then I can go on Sidetick, and invite people to join Bukisa, by telling them that they can advertise their Sidetick referral link in articles, and make money from both sites at the same time.

These are the best two free to join sites I am making money with online at the moment, but I always have my eyes open for better free to join money making sites.

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  1. Emmie Says:

    Liked the article…. just thought it would be a bit different from the other one. But i guess that is marketing. :)


  2. melphens Says:

    For me, my no.1 bet to earn online is neobux
    neobux is still the best legit ptc on the web.. 4 to 6 clicks /day
    with a nice forum and a friendly community to ask for help.
    Please join under me guys! much appreciate it, thanks

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