A Management in a Minute Book Overview of The New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations by David Meerman Scott

This summary and review of the book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, & viral marketing to reach buyers directly, was prepared by Bridget Beninate while a Marketing student in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

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Executive Summary

This book is about the new rules of marketing and PR. Times have changed and so has many things with technology being the main one. In this book they talk about podcasting, websites, videos, audio clips, and mobile applications. Almost every company has a website and sometimes when a company does not have a website, you think why the heck not. If people want to find out where something is located or what they have to offer, they are going to go straight to a computer. They are less likely to get in their car, drive around, and search for the place they are looking for. If they get to where they want to go, what if they don’t want anything from that place or the business does not carry what that person needs? That means they have to then get back in the car and drive. Mobile Applications can also help with this because almost everyone has an iPhone or any other kind of smart phone. If a company has an app, a person can download it and find what they are looking for like products, menus, or reviews.

    This book has opened my eyes to not only marketing, but PR as well. PR and Marketing go hand-in-hand in many aspects of both fields. Marketing is not only about advertising and PR is not about just giving press releases or making comments when something tragic happens to the company. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter can do amazing this for a company. This lets them reach their target and un-targeted audience and also lets the audience and buyers respond to the company. Social media allows buyers to keep up on what new products or services that businesses are coming out with. Blogs can also do the same thing for companies in keeping them in touch with what their buyers want and what their buyers need. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to break out into the PR and marketing world.  I will probably go ahead and read his first two books to see how far he has come and I will also continue to follow him on any other books he writes and what he says on his blog.

The Ten Things Managers Need to Know from The New Rules of Marketing & PR

1.    Social Media is a good thing. Some companies might be hesitant when posting to media websites because it is unfamiliar territory.  There are so many ways that it helps a company expand and gives them a profit. Just monitor what is put on the website and it will take a company so far.

2.    Know Your Buyers. Without buyers, no company would exist. To be an effective company, one must listen to their buyers and know what they want. If you have on specific target audience, that’s great! Focus on them and make a product that they want and need.

3.    Accept the newest rules in a field of study. This edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR is the third edition. Times are changing and rules change with time. Always be ready to embrace change because it will happen if you are ready or not.

4.    Be straight forward. Like mentioned in chapter 13, be honest when it comes to promoting your product. Buyers want to know how you can help them and what your products offer. When talking about your product, do not use jargon or overly big words because that will just lose the customer.

5.    Be up to date. Every month or so, have your company put out a press release saying what new things they have done or what they have been up to. By being consistent with press release, the company will look like it is being productive and not just in a stand still.


6.    Get a Mobile Website or App. More people today have iPhones or Androids, therefore they have access to thousands of apps that can do almost anything. The way to get in the market is to make an app for your company that way more people can interact with your company.

7.    Press Releases aren’t just for journalist. Press releases used to be done only when something important happened and only reporters heard about it. But with technology today, everyone can hear everything. For your next press release, target your buyers. Talk to them and let them know what you have coming out just for them.

8.    Take up blogging. It seems like everyone has a blog. But not so many companies might have one. Set up on for your company and get to talking to your buyers. With blogging, you can post something and have your customers respond to what you say. You get a feel for the customers and the customer can get a feel for your company.

9.    Make some videos. Today there are so many videos on the web it is hard to look for the one you want. But if you have a good headline/title, make it funny of course, and make it good, you will have thousands of views in no time. Grab an iPhone, video camera, or a flip camera and start shooting!

10.    Go make it happen. Just like the title of the last chapter of this book, make it happen. Get out of the dark ages, embrace the changes and join the web. Make your company stand out from all the rest. You can do it, you just have to try.

Full Summary of The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The Old Rules of Marketing and PR Are Ineffective in an Online World

    Chapter 1 is about the old rules of marketing and PR and how they are useless online. The old rules for marketing are summed up about advertising. Advertising’s main point was to appeal to multitudes of people at one time. It used to be about a one-way communication from the company to the consumers. In today’s world, advertising can be from a consumer to a company. Advertising was about selling products, but now advertising can sell services. The web has completely ruled out and changed these rules.
    The old rules of PR are stated that PR departments and companies communicated with journalist via a press release. A press release is a release to the press about a companies’ new news. Nobody actually would see a press release unless they were editors or reporters. The only way everyone else heard about the press release is if there was a story written about it. A company had to have significant amount of “news” in order to hold a press release. Similar to marketing, most of these rules are not true anymore due to the web.
    After all this is said, “Advertising and PR were separate disciplines run by different people with separate goals, strategies, and measurement techniques” (Scott pg. 8.) Advertising and PR are still different disciplines, but they work together more now than before. In order for the web to be as powerful and successful at reaching to people and selling things, the old rules must be over looked.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    Some of the new rules of marketing and PR consist of stating that marketing is more than advertising. You are what you publish means that you want to be successful when it comes to social media. Therefore, have a great strategy that will help you do just that. “People want authenticity, not spin” is one of the new rules and this means to be truthful. Consumers want honesty, not sugar and fairies. Companies must drive consumers into the purchasing process with great online content so that consumers will make that purchasing decision and buy their product.

More new rules are that the internet has made public relations public again. This rule is a great new rule I think because this means it is not just about the media and not just about press releases. PR is about reaching everyone, not just reporters and editors. Marketing is not about your agency winning awards; it is about your organization winning business. This new rule means that instead of concentrating on being the best, concentrate on having the best products or services to offer your consumers. Yes, awards are nice, but having the best product that does not fail is better than an award. Social networks allow people all over the world to share content and connect with people. Word of mouth is the one thing that consumers pay attention to when looking at buying something new. Someone could recommend a product on Facebook and before you know it, someone if a different country will be reading it and figuring out if that is a product they would like to try.

    The last rule stated in chapter 2 is that the lines between marketing and PR have been blurred on the web. Companies are joining departments when wanting to promote a product. Most companies turn to the web to do so. Finally, marketing and PR have joined sides and are no longer separate.

Reaching Your Buyers Directly

    “We are moving our advertising investments to the mediums that have the greatest relevance to our target buyers and sellers and to where the return on our investment is most significant” stated Bev Thorne who happens to be a chief marketing officer at Century 21. Century 21 has come a long way from TV commercials to investing in the online marketing. Social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are just some websites that companies are turning to in order to advertise their company, services, and products.
     “Understanding buyers and building an effective content strategy to reach them is crucial for success” (Scott 30.) Buyers usually know what they want and it is the job of the company to give it to them. Companies have business goals which are usually consisted of selling products and make a profit. When content does its job by motivating action, the sales process is easy to come about.

Social Media and Your Targeted Audience

    Social media is defined as when people share ideas, content, and thoughts on the World Wide Web. Social media, like stated before, are websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A term that is closely related to social media is social networking. This consists of how people interact on the social media websites. Social media has come a long way from MySpace and being completely nonexistent.
    Social Media sites like Facebook, is one of the hottest tickets in town. On Facebook a company can create its own page and it can advertise when a new product is going to come out or when a sale will happen and whoever has “liked” their page, will get notifications about it. The news will also show up on a person’s newsfeed if they liked the page. More than 1,000 companies have a Facebook page, so they can effectively reach their target market and other markets.

Blogs: Tapping Millions of Evangelists to Tell Your Story

    Blogging is defined as “A frequent, chronological publication of personal thought and Web links” (MarketingTerms.com.) a blog is just like every other website, but each one is unique. Every blog is maintained and kept up by someone who wants to talk about all kinds of topics. They are independent, web-bases diaries if you will. Blogs are where someone can state their opinion on a topic, and a huge conversation can start. Some people, who do not read blogs regularly, may not know that what they are reading online is a blog. Companies should use blogs because they can observe what people are saying about their products and the organization.

Audio and Video Drive Action

    Videos are made to tell a story. Organizations have started creating videos to tell their buyers information that they want to hear about. One main thing that Scott mentions is to have fun with the videos you make and that is stated because no one wants to watch a boring video. Most companies in the business world think that they have to be serious all the time, when in reality, they do not. There is a thing that is called Podcasting and this is where audio comes in. Podcasting means when audio content to a constantly changing media format. Someone can subscribe to a certain feed and receive new audio clips on what they want to hear. Marketers can use this tool to their advantage because they will be posting audio clips and videos and people who want to watch and listen will.

The New Rules of News Releases

    Like stated under chapter 1, news releases were just available for the press. Times have changed and since about 1995, press releases would be put online for the world to see. Since buyers are now reading press releases, companies need to appeal and speak to their buyers. These can be called direct-to-consumer news releases. Talking directly to the buyer and telling them what they want can drive the consumer to the purchase.

Going Viral: The Web Helps Audiences Catch the Fever

    The best thing about a company putting content about a product on the web, its free marketing! A video, a blog, or a press release can be put online for millions to see and it does not cost a dime. People want to see interesting and funny things, just create something that people will want to share. When something is buzz-worthy, it can grab the attention of the news, newspapers, and especially the web. Viral marketing is a very powerful tool in reaching your audience.

The Content-Rich Website

    Content that is on a website is not all that has to do with getting a website started. It also includes design, navigation, and color to make a pretty good website. With that being said, the content is the most important thing and the best websites do not worry if the colors match or if they flow well together. A great website focuses on content to reel their buyers in and keep them on the website. Perfecting the mix of content and design come with practice and trials.

Marketing and PR in Real Time

    The notion of real time, the moment to act is right now! As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm and if you publish a great article as the height of something happening, chances are you will be first to pop up on a Google search. People will talk about who publishes a story first especially if it is a really juicy story. “Real-time marketing and public relations deliver a decisive competitive advantage to those organizations that engage quickly” (Scott 132.)

You are What You Publish: Building Your Marketing and PR Plan

    Part of a marketing and PR plan is about the products and services, but mainly, it is about the buyers. One thing that is important about a company is organizing their goals and making sure every department is in sync with each other. Then you want to focus on your buyers and their persona. A buyer persona is a representative type of buyer that has a big interest in a product or an organization.  Focus on that and always remember that you are what you publish.

Online Thought Leadership to Brand Your Organization as a Trusted Resource

    To be great at thought leadership is to set aside the business and think like the buyer persona.  You want to focus on the customer and what they need and if that is done, you will probably come out ahead of your competitors. In order to take over the web with an organization, one has to give up being in control and in command. If web content is done in a good manner and delivers thought leadership, everyone will want to do business with a company that does this.

How to Create Your Own Buyers

    The main thing with buyers is they want to know how you can help them. Why should they buy your product instead of your competitors? What problems does your product solve? These are questions that your buyers are going to ask when considering a product to buy. If you create your own product, you are therefore creating your own buyer. Do not try to use catchy phrases to get a customer interested. Be straight forward and to the point. Once, again the buyer just wants to know how you can help them.

How Web Content Influences the Buying Process

    The first place people go in today’s world to find something is the web. It is easier to open a computer and type in what you are looking for instead of getting in a car and driving to a store only to search and that store might not have what you are looking for. Companies need to have a website that pulls in the person and keeps them on their website. Make sure that you segment your buyers meaning organize your site for the buyer. The products, advertising and branding all remain significant when it comes to a marketing mix. When it comes to the web though, content is what is needed.

Mobile Marketing: Reaching Buyers Wherever They Are

    More people in today’s society have an iPhone, Android or a Blackberry. You do not see many walking around with go phones or flip phones. So in today’s world, anyone can find what they are looking for by unlocking their phone and searching. When it comes to your mobile site, make it appealing and friendly. Most business today, like Hobby Lobby, will take a coupon if they see it on your smart phone. They then keep track whether it was by phone or a hard copy of the coupon. Other businesses might be offering discounts if you “like their Facebook page.” If a company has most of these characteristics, they will have more people going to their mobile site and being a long time customer.

Social Networking Sites and Marketing

    Like mentioning in earlier chapters, social networking sites are the biggest thing to hit the web. Start a Movement is one of the subtitles in this chapter and it talks about being the first to do something. Being the first can consist of having a new product or being the first put your company on the map.

Blogging to Reach Your Buyers

    People often blog about current issues going on in the world, like the war in Afghanistan or who is going to be our next president. If a company starts up its own blog, it can alert followers when there is a new product coming out. All blogs have taglines, so make sure yours is a creative one. Make your URL short, sweet, and easy to remember. Add social networking things like a “like” button for Facebook or a hash tag for Twitter. At first some people are hesitant about it, but in the long run it can pay off.

Video and Podcasting Made, Well, as Easy as Possible

    A flip video camera is very popular in today’s society because it is small enough to carry around and can easy take a pretty decent quality of video.  After recording your video, you can easy upload it to any computer and it does not need any wires or anything. Businesses want to create videos that will lead buyers to make a purchase, so make it an enjoyable, yet an informant one.  When it comes to podcasting, make sure you are prepared, edit your audio file, tag the audio and promote it. All these things will help you have a great podcast along with many followers.

How to Use News Releases to Reach Buyers Directly

    One of the new rules when it comes to press releases is not to send press releases when it is about big news, find a good reason to do one. Another rule is to make a press release that targets and appeals to your buyer not just journalist. To have your press release reach thousands, publish it through a distribution service like Business Wire or Globe Newswire. Just let them know what area you want your news to be published and it is not a costly fee. When a company puts out a press release, the company looks busy and productive.

The Online Media Room: Your Front Door for Much More Than the Media

    Most websites have a press page, which is made just for the media. New releases can often be found on this page as well as a PR person to contact. Videos like interviews or audio clips might be posted under this tab too. But the press page is not just for the press or journalist; it is made with the buyers in mind as well. Whoever creates the website is usually in charge and doesn’t have to get approval to put stuff up. You also want to reach bloggers and employees too.

The New Rules for Reaching the Media

    Do not over extend your welcome when it comes to contacting journalist. You want to get your story out there, but if you send it to just any journalist, they are certainly not going to write about it if you are always just sending them emails. In fact, they may make it a point to not write about your company. Also, they could also block your emails and they might never see an email you send them. A good rule to follow by is to pay attention what email you want to send to what journalist. Try and send a certain topic to a certain journalist that writes about that topic so they will write a story on your story.

Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing id defined as using search engines to reach your buyer directly. Google, Yahoo, and Ask.com are all well known and very popular search engines. In order to make it to “the first page in Google,” you must know what your consumers want and how they are going to look for you. If you come out with a specific product write a blog or story on just that and it will be hit every time someone searches that phrase.

Make It Happen

    This chapter states that to be effective in the marketing and PR world, take what has been written in this book and to apply it to your next campaign. Get the help you need to start whatever it is be a website, Facebook account, or a mobile website. Just get started and you will learn as you go.

The Video Lounge

    This is a video of David Meerman Scott giving a lecture about Marketing. It mentions some key points that come from his 3rd edition book.  You can tell he is a charismatic speaker and anyone would be blown away if they attended one of his lectures.

Personal Insights

Why I think:

  • The author is one of the most brilliant people around, because:

Obviously he knows what he is talking about. This is his third book on this topic so by now he better know his stuff. He writes for the Huffington Post and is a contributing editor to EContent magazine. He also has a blog and writes books. He has been in this industry for a while and I will continue to follow him and all his posts.

  • With business conditions today, what the author wrote is good because:

Everyone wants to try to get a leg up on their competitors. Everyone wants to be first and the best. If companies read his books, the companies will succeed in what they do especially if they are a company who is new to using the internet. With the chapters written about online stuff, any company can come from the dark ages and revamp their style.

  • If I were the author of the book, I would have done these three things differently:

1.    I would have left out the repetitive chapters. There were at least three chapters on social media, two on blogging and two on podcasting/video. There is not much to say differently about Facebook that you can say three times. This book could have easily been 12 chapters if every other chapter wasn’t about the same topic. It gets very annoying to repeat thing.

2.    It somewhat seemed that in chapter 21, Scott was putting down PR people. He mentioned that they often times spam journalist to write about their story. He gets these emails to, but I think when writing this sort of book, you should not be biased. I think he could have done away with mentioning some personal things.

3.    I would have elaborated on the old and new rules. Chapters 1 and 2 could have been made longer when others would have been made shorter. Some people, like myself, have started with this book and do not know what the old rules really entail.

  • Reading this book made me think differently about the topic in these ways:

1.    Blogging. I was one of those people who does not really understand it and sometimes might not know if I am even reading a blog. But it seems to me that blogging might be a pretty interesting thing. I always thought it is just someone’s opinion and then bickering.  Since reading this book though, my eyes have opened up.

2.    Podcast. I never knew what that was until reading this book. I had always heard of it, but never paid attention. Podcast can open the doors for companies and that company could have an advantage over their competitors.

3.    Marketing. I have looked at marketing in a new light. This makes me want to pursue marketing more because it seems like there is so many aspects to marketing that I have not learned yet. I cannot wait to start in the real world and get a marketing job.

  • I’ll apply what I’ve learned in this book in my career by:

1.    I will consider who my buyer is in the future. I will pay attention to who I am making a product for and what they want. Profit is a big part of a business, but an even bigger part is customers. Without customers, businesses would not exist.

  • Here is a sampling of what others have said about the book and its author:

“This excellent look at the basics of new-millennial marketing should find use in the hands of any serious PR professional making the transition.”
 – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“For practical P.R. in the age of Twitter, see… The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
 – The New York Times

    Obviously this New York Times writer read his book. Well at least he read the chapters about PR and about Social Networking. Even though this review is short, it says a lot not only about today’s society, but what this book contains.

“I’ve relied on The New Rules of Marketing and PR as a core text for my New Media and Public Relations course at Boston University for the past six semesters. David’s book is a bold, crystal-clear, and practical guide towards a new (and better) future for the profession.”

– Stephen  Quigley, Boston University.

    As it is apparent, Quigley has used Scott’s book to help him in his time at Boston. Maybe one day we will have his quotes in our textbooks or even have one of his books as a mandatory read for students in marketing or PR.


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Scott, David. (2011.) The New Rules  of Marketing and PR; How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, & Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly. New Jersey, John Wiley and Sons.


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    Great article Bridget! You can tell just how interested you are in marketing. It really showed in your article. There is alot of useful information here … Great Job!

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