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Thu, Sep 13, 2012, by Mom the Muse


Feel free to take any of these that you like, and be encouraged today.

I enjoy creating images from quotes, and the first one really caught my attention because of something that I have been going through on behalf of another person.  Sometimes, carrying the burden of another, as Christ wants us to, can be very heavy if we truly care.

The next quote is a fair warning to those who may have forgotten that what goes around, comes around.  If you enter a relationship with someone who is cheating on someone else by doing so, the odds are definitely against you!

If you have been the victim of a broken heart, God cares.  He is especially close to you if you want him to be.

And, don’t give up!  If the bumblebee listened to the “facts” about it’s body, it wouldn’t be able to fly.  Don’t listen to the critics!

Pain doesn’t last forever, but this quote by Lance Armstrong reminds us that quitting is forever.  Keep striving!

If you feel that you are all alone in your struggles and nobody cares, remember that even the tiny birds are noticed by our Heavenly Father!  You are loved!

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