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Thu, Nov 11, 2010, by The Triangle


Have you ever played flash games online in some website and liked them so much that you wanted to download them,but they didnt let you download?Download Swf Flash games and files from any website easy without any software,even if they don’t allow you to download them!

Have you ever played flash games online in some website and liked them so much that you wanted to download them? I know you have, and i also know that,when you looked for a Download link for downloading that game, alas there wasn’t any! So what if they dont want you to download the file or provide you with its download link? Today we are going to learn how to Download it.Here is a list of websites where you can find tons of flash games which you couldn’t download before…you can now download them,because im teaching you how to.

Flash Games: Flash games are .swf format files embeded in websites for anyone to play online.

Link To Flash Games Websites:

Go to any website and play any game of your choice.

Games and Websites…

Lets for example go to and choose a game named Red Lynx Trials.
This game is at the URL:

When you visit the page the game will be loading…

Now comes the downloading part.You can see that the game can be played but it CAN NOT be downloaded.
Most of the sites are like this, they let you play games in their site but dont let you download it and have fun offline!

So we will be downloading this undownloadable games,you can call it theft but i will call it getting what you want.

Lets download the game Red Lynx Trials

First go to its page where it can be played, the url is:

Now comes the tricky part.To download it we need see the page’s Source Code.
To see a pages source code you need to:

* On Mozzila Firefox: Goto the uper Menu bar>View>Page Source or simply press CONTROL+U.
* On Internet Explorer: Goto the uper Menu bar>View>Source.
* On Opera: Goto the uper Menu bar>View>Source or simply press CONTROL+F3.
* On other browsers: Goto the uper Menu bar>View>Source.

In the source window search for .swf files, there could be only one or many in there. Choose the most relevant one and most probably the name of the file will be the games title as shown in the example.

The work is done! Now just click the blue link to download i!,
It might be opened in the source code editor so you could make it easier to download by noting the URLs and combining them like this:        

Webpage url:
Web directory url:      
(To get the directory just remove the file name)
.Swf URL: do-not-hotlink/redlynxtrials.swf
Now place the .swf file name in the directory, it will look like this:

Go ahead now download all the games you want!
Now you will never have problems downloading!
If you have any problems go ahead and comment,ill be answering!

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