Vuze vs. uTorrent

Tue, Apr 7, 2009, by Hugo Penrose

File Sharing

When it comes to torrent downloads, which program is best to use?


  • Security is better with build in IP filter.
  • Download speed is roughly similar, which is limited by your connection speed, but also by how many so called” seeds and lechers” are using the torrents.
  • Has its own torrents which therefore download at a maximum speed.
  • Is runs better on macs with fewer bugs.
  • (v)Uses up more space.


  • Takes up less memory.
  • Torrents are easier to create.
  • You can choose which files within a torrent you want to download.
  • Only available on mac as a beta version which still has a few glitches.
  • Perhaps not as safe as Vuze.

If you’re using a mac then I would go with Vuze as Utorrent has only released a beta version so far.  However, if you’re using windows, then you probably want to go with Utorrent as its easier on system requirements and allows greater flexibility when downloading by being able to uncheck certain files.

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  1. Alan Roberts Says:

    Thanks for the info, i think i’ll stick with Vuze since i’m using a mac, cheers

  2. Jack Black Says:

    Sorry…I forgot to mention…if you are concerned about security when using any P2P client then I would highly recommend to use PeerGuardian 2, so there is no real advantage using Vuze only for that reason.

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