The Most Trusted Way to Speed Up Your Torrent Downloads

Thu, Jan 13, 2011, by Sravan s

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Cheat engine 6.0 c is the bets software that you can use for speeding up your torrent downloads .This trick increases your torrent downloading speed up to even five times.

Many of the people on the Internet use torrents for getting the latest apps , movies ,games etc for free .Torrents are great ,but sometimes it becomes worse when you get around 1kb/s where you ought to get 1mb/s .But here are some tips when downloading a torrent .

Steps to follow while downloading a Torrent

1) Select a healthy torrent for downloading . (The more the number of seeders and leechers ,the more speed you get )

2)Read the comments about the torrent ( Most of the torrent contains viruses ,so please read the comments )

3) Select a trusted site for Torrent downloads

How to speed up torrent downloads ?

Everyone needs speed .So here is the most simple but effective way of speeding up your Utorrent .

1)You will need Cheat engine 6.0

Cheat engine 6.0

2)Install the cheat engine in your PC

3)Open the Cheat engine

4)Download any torrent using your torrent downloader ( Like utorrent or Bit torrent etc )

5)Click on the computer icon on the top left of the cheat engine .(”select a process to open” ) 

6) A window having the list of running programs will appear

7)Select  on the torrent downloading software from the list (If you are using the Utorrent it will appear like this “Utorrent.exe ” , different softwares have different names like “Bitorrent.exe” )Select the software that you are using for downloading torrent .

8)After selecting ,you will be brought back to the main page .

9)Put check mark on the enable speed hack and put the speed as 0.1 or 0.5 .

10) Done ,now check the torrent and you can see a noticeable change in your downloading speed ( if this doesn’t work , wait for 5 minutes or restart you PC) .

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