Simple Tips to Stay Safe When Torrenting

Mon, Sep 21, 2009, by jSterling

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A few simple tips to stay ghost-like when torrenting to avoid nasty scare tactic letters from your ISP.

Getting my super fast internet connection back has got me back into torrenting. I figure I will write a article with some of my knowledge that I know of to stay hidden, this is nothing advanced either! Even if you are new to torrents it is a good idea to read over this article to stay safe and reserve your rights.

1. Spot the fakes

To avoid all sorts of problems, not to mention virus’s and Trojan’s it is best to learn to spot fakes. A lot of fake torrents are being monitors by companies and corporations such as the RIAA and other orginizations, especially if you download movies you could run into some problems.

Most fake torrents are early birds. In other words, they are torrents that are released to early. If a highly anticipated movie is coming out that you really want, and it has been released on the internet early, 9 times out of 10 it is a fake, and just a “honeypot” so to say, to capture your computers IP and send it to the correct person(s). Other fake torrents will have a huge ammount of seeders, and I am talking 10’s of thousands, a few thousand is nothing to worry about, but ourageous ammounts of seeders is usually a fake to lure you in.

2. Get Peer Gaurdian 2

Peer gaurdian is a free program that is used for more than protection against P2P. It protects you against a lot more than that actually. It blocks IP’s according to what you select. You can pick P2P Originizations, AdWare, Government, and there is a lot more.

When you make a connection, no matter how it is, it will find it, and if it is on the Black List for the IP’s you picked, it will block the connection. Very usefull if you use limewire and a lot more.

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  1. willie wondka Says:

    i am always weary of down loading stuff so i keep away anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. jSterling Says:

    Always good to exercise percaution

  3. RS Wing Says:

    Well written article on a serious problem that sends our pc’s into cyber scare land. I’m not pc savvy one bit and learned a lot within this article. Well organized and written like a Journalist. Right to the facts and pointers that help a guy like me who needs to learn so much more regarding computers. Great piece!

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