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Tue, Jun 23, 2009, by A. Fool

File Sharing

How to protect yourself if you’ve illegally downloaded files.

When you download a file from the Internet, you leave a ‘calling card’.  It is fairly easy to find you.  Even a non hacker can get your I.P. number, (the Internet Protocol…the numerical identification and logical address that is associated with the server you are using). 

Every I.P. address corresponds to a specific server; i.e. Bell South, American Movil, etc.  And it is pretty simple to find out from that server who connected to the computer on which the download was gained.

For example, if at 9:03 someone connected to from the service you use, a subpoena served on your provider will reveal it was … YOU.

As you can see, an illegal download becomes on par with robbing a bank and leaving your address with the teller.

Hence, you have to use a proxy server.

There are googals of proxy servers all over the world. Pick the one that catches your fancy and use it when you are visiting a place you don’t have a right to be.

Many proxies are located in places like Romania so that kind of misdirects the investigators, for there isn’t much chance the proxy keeps much record or would reveal them.

When you download illegal stuff, you should really put it on a spare hard drive, not on the one in your computer.  If you have made some illegal downloads onto your C drive, there are ways to clean it up.

Firstly, you should have created a different user account which does this kind of stuff so that as Administrator or as Root you can destroy the entire account and erase all content with a keystroke.

Secondly, you want to do a disk clean up, using whatever tools you have or have down loaded, a defragmenter, and then, download legal items, to obliterate your previous download.  Download a lot of legal items; fill your harddrive.  Then, delete. Delete, do a clean up and defragmenter, wipe free space, download more junk, repeat.

If you have lots of illegal stuff you might want to fully wipe your hard drive.  This is not just an f/disk

Many companies offer special software to protect those who are selling or giving away used computers to prevent identity theft as an F Disk and reload are not complete enough.

In most cases, doing an F /disk and loading a flavour of Linux is useful.  What you want to do is make it as near impossible for anyone to be able to find anything on your computer which in anyway connects you to illegal downloads.

That means killing history, cookies, whatever it takes; often, the entire operating system when you’ve really been busy.

If you’ve kept everything off your hard drive, downloading to a spare, and have used proxies, destroyed your history, It is not going to be easy to uncover your illegal activity.

Too many people think a simple ‘delete’ is enough. It isn’t.  All that is deleted is often the file which summons the stuff. The stuff is still there.  (Windows used to offer a ‘restore’ function…so that after a delete you could restore the files deleted…just to show you how simple it is.)

When you perform illegal activities you have to think like a prosecutor. You have to gather the evidence against you. If you can destroy the evidence before it can be gathered then you won’t be successfully prosecuted.

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  1. sa;tyfella Says:

    What about relays to assist in isolating oneself (ie anonymous emailing)?

  2. D Says:

    What if i happen to be from another country?

  3. a fool Says:

    sa;, anything that breaks the line from server to you is useful. But the relays have to be the kind that doesn’t keep audit traces.
    We were able to find a particular schooler who’d come in from a hub and locked out the entire hub.

    D; depends on whether your country signed on to the copyright agreement. Some countries have and will prosecute, others haven’t.

  4. Janet65 Says:

    An interesting and informative article. I found it excellent.

  5. a fool Says:

    thank you Janet

  6. hello Says:

    we are in hell all the accessibilities are censored we are in iran , even a poem by Shakespeare”coy mistress. is censored, sigh sigh sigh

  7. hello Says:

    use a proxy…there are a number of proxy

  8. a fool Says:

    use a proxy…this is another computer that you can connect to which will then connect to other sites. The world is watching Iran.

  9. L.E.Monist Says:

    Always use a proxy. It’s safer. Rarely is any kind of malware able to penetrate that proxy.

  10. balfour coley Says:

    It is only a matter of time before the record companies disappear

  11. A. Fool Says:

    When the record companies disappear and people are no longer telling you what you can hear and can’t hear, you’ll see a total change in music. You’ll see more live shows.

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