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Mon, Mar 15, 2010, by vegetto

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Get direct links from Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile…. instantly! with

<a href=””> SuperXLeech, get directly any link you want </a>
Get direct links from Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile…. instantly!

Hello everyone,
Today, I would like to introduce you the site SuperxLeech, which can help you get directly from RS, MU, HF and many more!
As you know, there are lots of software, movies, games or ebook are uploading to these type of site everyday. The most link you can see and also the most trouble some when you download is Rapidshare link. It requires you to buy the premium account in able to download with unlimited speed and many links simultaneously , or else you can only download 1 file only and have to wait a long time to download another file (same with Megaupload and hotfile and other types).

So what is this site exists for? With this site, you can copy/paste the link to the “get link” box (you can also choose get multi link for get many link at the same time). We have powerful server that can help 100 people download at the same time (will upgrade if the server is overloaded). You may heard about these kind of site before, but many site just up for a short period of time and getting closed or offlined because they can’t run the server any more. However, with this site, you can enjoy download everyday up to 70000MB/day.

So, in order to maintain the website in long term (server cost and premium account). We created a function in VIP area, where you need to complete an offer to get access to this page in 24 hour. After you complete the offer (you can choose free offers or paid offers or buy access to the page), you will have 24 hours to get any link, any size in this vip area.
I know it’s a little bit annoying but it’s the way you can help us to maintain the website.

However, we still have free section, which can help you get any link that less than less than 50MB. Imagine you want to download an ebook from rapidshare, but you don’t have any premium account, and you already exceed the downloading limit. Just go to and get your directly link instantly. Easy, right?

I know there are many people want to download movies or games from warez forums, or even xxx movies (most of them in RS or MU and hotfile). You don’t have money to buy premium account? Just go to vip section and complete a free offer, you can get access to this page for 24 hours and download as many movies or games as you want.

If you have trouble when completing an offer, go to google and seach for “how to use Fizix Point Gainer”. You will get your answer.

If you go to You will see this site is working like we are doing, but you have to do an offer right away. With our site, you only need to do an offer if your file size is larger than 50MB. The choice is yours.

In conclusion, I think this is the site you should visit and bookmark to your computer whenever you need to download movies, games, or even small ebook with high speed without a premium account. You can choose a free offer to do, or a paid offer (to support us more). Or if you don’t have time, you can also choose buy access to viparea for only $1. You can download anything you want and save your time. Have fun.

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