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Fri, Apr 22, 2011, by el zorro

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This one will blow you away.

Are you tired of waiting what you’ve downloaded? Have you been yearning for a site that will allow you to watch what you are downloading at the same time?

Well, I got one for you. Although this may not be one of those popular torrents that you may have been using for several years now, I can guarantee you that you can actually download any movie in just 30 minutes time.

As I’ve mentioned if you really can’t wait for the download to be finished, you can watch it at the same time.

There is just one downside to it; most of its characters are in Chinese since this is a Chinese site. But believe you me. They have it all from the latest to the oldest movies, such as “The Sound of Music”, “The Sting” and a whole lot more.

Once you figured out how to use it, you will find out that it is easy to use as well. Just don’t mind the subtitles at the bottom of every movie. As you can see they don’t necessarily alter the language but they do however put subtitles on every movie.

Now, Filipinos love Korean movies and TV series. Well, you’ll definitely find beautiful and good Korean TV series on the site. Just don’t expect that it will be in Filipino or in English because most of them are uploaded on their original languages.

Now, if you happen to love all the best and popular American TV series, such as Smallville, House, 24, all CSI TV Series. You can drown on this site. They have the complete episodes of these American TV Series.

The best part of this is that you don’t have to sign up or doesn’t have to create an account before you can access the site. All you need to do is download their download manager which is at the same time a player of their files. On that download manager, you’ll have access to all the kinds for movies that you would like to watch, ranging from love stories, war, sci-fi, horror and even animations.

Now, that you know. Why don’t you give this one a try and experience it yourself. Just make sure that you have an anti-virus on your computer. Don’t worry I am not saying that it has  malware or a virus on it. This is just to give you some precautions.

Happy downloading and enjoy the movies.

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For the Funshion Download Manager Click HERE (FUNSHION DOWNLOAD MANAGER) or simply click the image and you’ll be redirected to the download site instantly.

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  1. Stable Says:

    This looks a great site, thanks for the share my friend.

  2. Dreamy777 Says:

    great one thanks

  3. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Any movie in 30 minutes? Sounds good.

  4. lian rosa Says:

    Damn this site will attract traffic soon!

  5. papaleng Says:

    Eh, ang gandang site pala nito, hindi na ako mumutain sa pagdownload.

  6. solidadah Says:

    hehe.. nice share kuya.. :)

  7. el zorro Says:

    thanks for the visit all of you guys appreciate it very much..juts don’t mind all the chinese characters that are there..have fun downloading or watching:)

  8. sathi.k Says:

    This is indeed a good news. I will check it out right away. Thank you for sharing the link.

  9. Rhodora Bande Says:

    Based on your description, the site sounds interesting except the Chinese characters — well, I might also have fun. Will check on the site. Thanks for this info.

  10. gvgatchalian Says:

    Sounds really interesting..I have this big fear in downloading stuff, but with the kind of endorsement we got from you, I guess it’s worth a try. Great post, antonio (el zorro eh) :-)

  11. el zorro Says:

    @xyz999: you’re welcome enjoy downloading and watching at the same time:)

  12. el zorro Says:

    @RB: Once you have learned and get used to the site as well as its downloader, just as long as you got a good connection. You’ll find it fun in downloading all the kinds of movies that you may have missed to watch :)

  13. el zorro Says:

    @GV: You’ll find it indeed interesting..most of my movie files came from this site..and i wouldn’t dare recommend it if it doesn’t work :)

    Thanks for the visit :)

  14. pet uy Says:

    Nice! Thanks for the share!

  15. culprit pontiff Says:

    hard to browse,,,chinese ang characters…sayang..try ko parin..

  16. neopisiva Says:

    Very good share!Thanks a lot!

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