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Wed, Jun 30, 2010, by MrGroovieNitesh

File Sharing

This Post is all for sharing. Have you ever found a Software, Movie, Game, TV-Shows, E-Books, Audio Books, Comics, etc. and want to download it? But you don’t click on "Download" because you see a "Price Tag" on it. This post will talk on How TO download anything without paying a Bit! (Except hard-disk space and internet connection ;) )

I am Talking Truth Here.

Yes! You can download anything you want from the web without paying a Bit for it and no one can sue you because, we don’t download it illegally by hacking its publisher’s website. No! We do Sharing. And AS EVERYONE KNOWS, SHARING IS FOR “ALWAYS” CARING. ;)

Without wasting any of your time, let’s go into business. I will not be talking about “Step by Step” tutorials because my previous posts didn’t get any likings or comments (If you want step by step Tutorials, Comment Bellow).

First of all, let’s make you Familiar with the “Sharing” I’m sharing with you in this Blog. This is not a sharing with a File Hosting sites (Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, etc.) because they have their “Terms and Conditions” clearly stating that “Any file without Owner’s License will not be Accepted” this surely is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about P2p sharing. In this sharing, a “seeding” Computer (Any computer, it could be of anyone in the world or you yourself) and a “Leaching” computer. The twist in it is that it needs a File manager on Internet which will open a protocol between two or more seeders and lechers and it will automatically copy files in other computer to yours. And the Fun part of it is – you don’t have to do anything. Just click on Download and you will get that file in your computer from other computers. And this File Manager is called Bit-Torrent Client and the stuff we download from this Manager is Torrents (any file without licensing restriction) :)

Sorry, but I can’t stop going step by step. :D

1.       Download a Bit-Torrent Client. I’d always prefer Vuze (it puts some load (10-20 mb) on your PC but it is the fastest Client of all there is. (If you have slow computer, try utorrent (500KB – 2 mb)))

2.       Now just go to Torrent Sites, I will list the most popular (many seeders so that we can leach from them) Torrent sites(all site might have +18 Ad Banners ( BEWARE) ):

a. (Place for Everything)


c. (Place for Anime)



3.       Now, search for the file (you can even try Google and put “torrent” on the back).

4.       Download Torrent Files (usually minimum 200KB)

5.       Open torrent files on Bit-Torrent Clients (Vuze or uTorrent)

6.       Download the file.

7.       Open it. And you are done.

By this way you can Get Anything, Form sound Clips to Movies……Ms-Dos Programs to 25 GB games. Nintendo Games to PS3 and PC games. NOW, world is under your Control. :)

Things to remember while download a torrent File.

1.       Please check numbers of seeds, the more seeds, the more speed you will get.

2.       Don’t do any other downloads when you download torrents (it ill just speed up your download speed, believe me!)

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