What Did I Sign Up for?

Thu, Mar 10, 2011, by wendyleversee


Unfair practices of websites when you sign up for weekly or monthly email.

     We’ve all been there, right?  A website offers services or something we wantwith “free” regristration.  Do you really know what else you’re signing up for?

     I try to be internet savvy by reading the terms of use and privacy statements.  If it deosn’t look bad, I’ll register.  I’m usually happy with what I get.  There is one thing about signing up for these things that I really hate though, and that’s the problems you face with all the scam offers that you don’t know about until it’s too late!

     What about the “free with registration” offers!  How many times have I fallen for that!   Come on!  Don’t hide a monthly subscription or a one timefe, please?!?  If it’s not completely free tell me right away!

     Another thing I hate about registering for a free website is that they don’t always disclose who else you’re giving your permission for them to share your email address with.  You would think at the very least it would be in the privacy statement.  Where do they hide this information?  I would like to be given the option to opt-out of junk email I don’t want and keep what I do.

     The worst part of junk mail is trying to un-subscribe to the junk mail you never wanted.  Sometimes, you click on the link and it doesn’t take you to the right page, and other times they want you to answer questions on why!  The most spiteful junk emails are the ones that don’t even have the un-subscribe link!  That should be the easiestthing to do!

     Shouldn’t websites have commen curtisy too?

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