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Tue, Oct 5, 2010, by Reverting


Inbox Dollars has been around for a few years now. Since 2007 I have made over $200 with them. Learn how you can make money just by checking your email.

Inbox Dollars is perhaps the most user-friendly, Get-Paid-To (GPT) site on the Internet. All you have to do is check your email and click the “Confirm this paid email” at the bottom anytime you receive an email from Inbox Dollars.

There are other offers you can do which pay more. For example, right now Inbox Dollars will pay you $7.50 to open an ING Sharebuilder account. On top of that, ING will match your first deposit dollar for dollar, up to $25.00. So in one action, you can make $32.53 — that’s $0.03 for checking your email, $7.50 for opening the account, and $25.00 for making a $25.00 deposit. Where else can you make over 100% profit on $25?

You need $30 to request your first payout with Inbox Dollars, and they charge a $3 fee for each check. When I originally signed up with them back in 2007, I thought that the deal was bogus. Yet I still kept doing it because it was easy. Since I signed up with them, I’ve made $235.34 after check fees. Is that worth it for three years of checking email? You betcha.

Sign up today and Inbox Dollars will give you $5!

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