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Wed, Dec 14, 2011, by lindberghlendl


Did you know that sending emails could also be a profitable venture? Get to know a technique that will enable you to generate income by sending emails using yahoo mail, aol, hotmail, apple mail or gmail.

Sending emails just got even better thanks to earnmailer. This FREE service lets you embed an advertisement code into your Yahoo, Apple Mail, gmail, Hot Mail, or AOL messages that will be viewed by the recepient of the email everytime they read your messages. In other words, EARNmailer lets you put an ad on your outgoing emails so you earn everytime your friends and contacts open your emails or when they click on the ad.

Here’s how the Earnmailer ad will look on the email:

Hi classmates,

     We will have a meeting at 10:00 am sharp at the SM Mall of Asia. Be there.

Lindbergh Lendl Soriano

Want to earn by sending emails now? Here are the steps:

  1. Register (if you’re not an EARNmailer member yet).
  2. Save the EARNmailer ad on your email signature so the EARNmailer ad appears in all your outgoing emails.
  3. Email friends and/or refer friends to EARNmailer
  4. You earn everytime someone open your emails displaying on the ad or when they click on the ad in your email. The more views and clicks that you have, the more income you earn.
  5. Earnings can be converted to prepaid load (currently the fad in the Philippines) or accumulate and receive them via paypal. Redeeming prepaid credits could is possible for as low as $0.23! Claiming money through paypal however requires you to have a balance of $100 in your Earnmailer earnings.

One important note before you start going on a sending spree, DO NOT SPAM or you may just get into trouble. With that said, happy emailing and happy earning to everyone!

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