Finally, I Have Joined Experts Column…and Can Log in!

Thu, Sep 20, 2012, by Mom the Muse


After many unsuccessful and frustrating attempts to create and/or log into my Experts Column account, I have been able to post to it.

Weeks and weeks ago, it was suggested to me that I created an account with Experts Column, because the payout is better than at Triond.  Thinking that most any payout would be higher, I created the account, but was later unable to sign into it.  I had either forgotten my password or was encountering a technical issue.

My first numerous attempts to reach a satisfactory answer through the help process were unsuccessul.  By the time I was issued a new log-in, either too much time had lapsed or there was another issue which prevented me from signing in.

I finally gave up and created a new account with a different user name.  It worked, but then I was told that I would have to place a link from Experts Column into my Triond profile.  Guess what?  I was unable to edit my Triond profile for a couple of days (again, technical issue, I assume, since when I would click the edit button, nothing would happen).  At last, though, the edit option became available and I was able to become an approved Experts Column account holder and post a few article (columns, as they are called in Experts Column).  No problem, right?

Well, actually there is.  My newest account was created using an e-mail address that will become invalid in a few days, so I need to change it in my profile to, you guessed it: the e-email address with which I created the first, unsucessful Experts Column account.  Because that e-mail address is already in the system, I cannot use it for my current, working account.  I have contacted Experts Column and I hope to have this resolved expediently this time.

Comparatively speaking, I think that Experts Column may actually pay a little more, since I have made a whopping seven cents today so far.  Stay tuned to see what happens next as my seven cent fortune hangs in the balance!

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