Zazzle: How to Get Featured on The Today’s Best List

Sat, Jun 16, 2012, by stine1


Having a product featured on Zazzle’s “Today’s Best” list and receiving that award is a goal for many Zazzle sellers. This article will tell you what you need to do to make it into that list.

First of all, I would like to tell you that it is not at all easy to receive the “Today’s Best” award on Zazzle. It is a lot easier to get onto the “Most Viewed” list as this is only influenced by how many people view your product.

If you are asking yourself how to get featured on the Today’s Best list on Zazzle, you will have to do more and you need some luck along with your hard work.

Here is an example of a cute product that made it onto the list. Not designed by me *lol*

Owl always love you Mug
Owl always love you Mug by AnnaMeasuresDesigns
Browse Owl Mugs

Gosh, isn’t this the cutest mug ever?

Anyway, back to the topic. There are actually two total opposite theories and the answer to which one is true heavily depends on which Zazzle staff member you ask. I will present both theories to you and let you decide which way you will go:

Lady Luck

The first theory that you can find within the Zazzle forums, says that staff members of Zazzle decide which product to put onto the list. They feature what they like and what they want to feature. If this is true, there is nothing much you can do to influence your ranking except designing the best possible quality.


The second theory which might also be true is that Zazzle runs an algorithm that detects which designs are eligible. Views, votes/ratings and purchases and some other things (maybe comments?) can affect it.

So, before you decide, care for a pillow to cry into?

twitter bird on a tree throw pillows
twitter bird on a tree throw pillows by worlds_funny_shirts
See other Bird Pillows

When I started to investigate this question, I thought there would be a simple answer and a clear and easy recipe *sigh*

Unfortunately, there is no rule you could follow to increase your chance on getting onto the Today’s Best list on Zazzle.

Anyway, maybe you would like to stop by at my Zazzle store at :-)


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  1. luthvy Says:

    nice article friend, ,visit back ok,, ty

  2. Bill M. Tracer Says:

    One of my skateboard deck designs managed to get on the “Today’s Best” list once, back in 2009. Nothing more since then. Here lately, I’ve been working really hard getting a bunch more stuff out there in my Zazzle store. I recently created a new department for round products, Buttons, Keychains, and Necklaces. I am continuing to add more of my abstract art designs on those products. I’ve decided I’ll just keep on adding more and more product lines to my store. I figure the more I get out there, the better my chances of making some sales.

  3. janef Says:

    I’ve just signed up to Zazzle and I’m working on some designs. I’ll go and have a look at your designs in a minute.

  4. Kharla Jolly Says:

    Excellent share, once again! Thanks, and have a great day.

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