Top 10 Themes for Mozilla Firefox

Sat, Mar 19, 2011, by Sravan s


The list of top 10 themes for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

1. NASA Night Launch  :- 

This is a dark theme .  And this theme is dedicated to the NASA .

Inspired by the night launch of STS -116 . 

Download NASA Night Launch Theme for firefox. 

2. BlackFox V1-Blue :-

This is a dark and hot theme for firefox and it is fully skinned and animated . 

Download Black Fox  V1- Blue theme for Firefox . 

3. God of War III theme for Firefox :- 

This theme is designed for the God of War III game lovers . This is an excellent theme with some bright colour combinations . 

Download God of War III theme for firefox . 

4.Oskar theme for firefox :- 

A theme with an excellent combination of Blue and black colours . With about 62,381 weekly downloads , it is the highest downloaded theme from the official firefox website . 

Download Oskar theme for firefox . 

5.FX Chrome theme for firefox : -

This theme is designed for those who love Google chrome browser style . By applying this theme ,you can make your firefox look like Google chrome . 

Download FX Chrome theme for Firefox . 

6. Hallo FF theme for firefox :-

A scary , crazy theme for firefox . This theme also contains fun elements in it .

Download Hallo FF theme for firefox .

7.Ecology theme for firefox :-

This theme is designed for nature lovers . The greenish background gives it a natural touch of perfection . The sign of recycleis also a good message .

Download Ecology theme for firefox .

8. Smallring FX Dark Blue theme for firefox :-

This is a dark theme . It is best viewed in Windows 7 and Windows Vista . With excellent colour combinations this theme has been downloaded 481,738 times .

DownloadSmallring FX Dark Blue theme for firefox .

9. Proto Dust theme for firefox :-  

Proto Dust is a normal theme for firefox .Easy to use navigation keys also makes it peculiar . More over it is a good theme for aged ones .

DownloadProto Dust theme for  Firefox .

10 . Simpler Glass theme for firefox :-

Like the name of this theme suggests , this is also a simple but excellent theme . This theme also has glass like toolbars which can be seen in Internet Explorer 9  . But this is theme is an excellent choice for firefox users .

Download Simpler Glass theme for firefox .

Enjoy !


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  1. pguims Says:

    #7 is very attractive…

  2. Jose Iglesias Says:

    I swear it’s almost impossible to get the navigator bar to take up less than a quarter of a screen, a real pain on netbooks

  3. Linvio Says:

    I no longer use mozilla… Thanks to this still…

  4. serenitybubble Says:

    Cool article. I love mozilla firefox

  5. Sheila Barnhill Says:

    These are just beautiful. I just wish that there was one with the Super moon. It’s so neat looking out there last night.

  6. CHIPMUNK Says:

    interesting info.

  7. sumomax Says:

    Not a lot of simple snoring gıdermke deve fırms ugrasıoyr yapomak it so easy to eee what you olurmu yapıyorse iu
    I do not understand why why why desne had come on why do not oomuyor

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