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Fri, Dec 31, 2010, by Sravan s


Perhaps you have heard about it. The microsoft has finally launched Internet explorer nine beta. And it comes with new mind blowing features .So here is the first review about Internet explorer nine Beta. And is this the end of mozilla and Google? Read to find out more.

When you have a bought a PC ,and there it has the Internet explorer 8 .Most of the people hate it because , it contains so many addons ,that it will take time to open a web page .So most of the people ,after a getting a Internet connection in their PC ,will try to get a new browser like Mozilla Firefox , Google chrome etc which are more faster and safer than Internet explorer .And the users of Internet explorer are very low when compared to other browsers .And now Microsoft’s new release that is Internet explorer has came to the market .It was not available for public download at first ,but now you can simply download the beta version from the Internet  .

People thought that Microsoft was not aware about the disadvantages of the Internet explorer 8 ,but they were wrong . Microsoft ,still the leader of computer technology knows about everything about windows and the programs run on it .

That is why Internet explorer comes with many new features such as as “Pinned Sites” and “One Box” that Microsoft’s been less vocal about.And the questions that shoots up here is that ” IS IE9 a preloaded browser that has the power to become the most reliable and safest browser ? ” . Well ,it may be true .

Pinned Sites — This isn’t one of the most obvious new features of IE9, but it may just be our favorite. If you’re anything like us, you keep the same web applications open all day – Gmail, Pandora, Twitter, and Facebook – but mistakenly close them when they are lumped together with a bunch of other sites. IE9 lets you separate out those sites and lock them right to the Windows Taskbar. You drag a site to the bar, and when pinned it pulls the favicon so it looks like it’s actually a separate program. Some sites will also support jump lists, which is the list of shortcuts that appears when you left right click the icons. For instance, we pinned Twitter to our Taskbar and could jump straight to our Direct Mentions, Mentions, etc. We’re hoping more sites build in this functionality — it’s really a neat trick.

One Box – The address bar in IE9 still doubles as a search field, but it now has more capabilities. The default search engine is obviously Bing, but you can install Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook and lots of others through the Add-On page. We’re actually becoming bigger fans of Bing by the day, and keeping it as the default search engine has its advantages: typing in terms like “Weather NYC” brought up the temperature and conditions inline, and typing a name like “Hillary Clinton” an image of our lovely Secretary of State. The bar also displays history results.

Tab functionality – Tabs aren’t new to Internet Explorer, but Microsoft’s added a few new tricks. They’re really easy to snap out of place now, and even if you’re doing something like playing a video in Youtube, detaching it doesn’t lose your place as content is continuously rendered. Like Chrome, there’s now the ability to just shut down one tab when a website starts to hang.Instead of having to shut down the entire browser, you can go into the task manager and just kill that particular tab. The new tab page shows frequently visited sites along with a meter of how actively you visit them. Shocker: Engadget is our most visited site.

  • Download manager – Can we get a loud “finally” on this one!? Yes, IE9 adds a real download manager that lets you see what you’ve recently downloaded as well as see the progress of a current download. Our program downloads appeared in the manager, but oddly a picture download didn’t. It also has a SmartScreen Filter, as it’s been dubbed, that alerts you to security issues. Alerts appear within the browser window now rather than as a pop-up

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