Swagbucks – Words for Bucks?

Mon, Oct 24, 2011, by ButterflyStain


Have you ever wondered just what triggers Swagbucks to reward bucks for searching?

My mother and I have been working on Swagbucks for a couple months now. One of the ways to get swagbucks is by searching through the official Swagbucks search bar. Now, just substituting it for google like we were doing wasn’t earning us much, if any Swagbucks at all. So we got to thinking…

What if there are certain words that trigger payout?

So, together we decided to try a few ‘key words’ in the search bar, and for the most part, it worked! It doesn’t work every time, and sometimes the key words might be switched around, but it’s worth a shot anyway if you’re looking to score a few quick bucks.

Some of the words we used, and occasionally still use are:






Now, like I said, these won’t work all of the time, but it is worth a shot. You might can even find a few codes that work better for you. Happy collecting!

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