Skype Without Installation

Tue, Nov 24, 2009, by Branden Mikal


How to achieve skype calls and video calls using just your browser.

People like myself who look to Skype as a phone alternative find it to be the best program available in internet phone today.

But have you ever wanted to use Skype without installing it on your computer or maybe you have a family member who doesn’t have room on their computer to install Skype. Now their is a logical solution that is perfect enough to use when you need to keep in touch with friends and family.

It’s called IMO. IMO is an alpha web based service that allows you to log into Skype (and other clients) through your web browser for free.

Amongst the best features are video calling, voice calling, and instant messaging.

When using Skype on IMO. you can keep an on-going conversation, customize the color of your windows, and add/remove users from your contact list, you can even rename users if you choose to do so.

IMO can be found easily on the web by typing in your address bar (the bar at the top of the browser with the “http://” in it).

Check out IMO now; visit

Have fun Skyping!

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