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Tue, Jul 12, 2011, by BluSphere


It’s back! The Triond toolbar has risen from the dead and been brought back into the arms of the dear Triond’ers – almost at least.


Finally! It’s back! The Triond toolbar has risen from the dead and been brought back into the arms of the dear Triond’ers – well almost, at least.

Some weeks ago I wrote an article about the Triond toolbar. It was mostly about how annoying it was that Triond hadn’t updated the Triond toolbar since 2008 and that many of us Triond’ers really wanted to use it again. I felt a need to express my feelings and opinions on this topic – so I did.

However, I saw that so many new Triond’ers had joined the community, and that no one actually knew of this toolbar. I had written an article about a Toolbar that no one had heard about. After reading comments on my article and getting messages from friends and fans, regarding “what this toolbar was” and “where to get it” I somehow felt like I had wasted a lot of time on that article.

So what I’m going to do now, is to tell you all about the Triond toolbar – before doing anything else!

All you need to know about the toolbar

The toolbar looks like this. It’s very useful because of the many options it has. The fact that we can access all these buttons no matter what website we’re at makes this toolbar very unique and extremely useful for people who doesn’t want to go to Triond’s dashboard every single tine they want to check their views, comments, messages etc.

In the section below, you can read about what every single button does.

Triond: This button takes you to

Submit: This button lets you submit an article. It basically takes you to

Random: This button takes you to a random picture or article from Triond.

News: This button gives you a drop-down list of the 10 newest topics from the Triond Blog.

Friends’ News: This button gives you a drop-down list of your friends’ 10 newest articles (Same as “News Feed”)

Comments: This button gives you a drop-down list of the 10 newest comments on your articles or pictures.

Inbox: This button gives you a drop-down list of the 10 newest messages in your inbox.

$4.06 (1): This button shows you your income this month (so far) . Click it to go to

$4.06 (2): This button shows you how you much your next payment will be (so far).

5: This button shows you how many messages you’ve gotten today (so far). Click it to go to

21: This button shows you how many comments you’ve gotten today (so far). Click it to go to

9: This button shows you how many times your articles, pictures etc. have been liked today (so far). Click it to go to

323:  This button shows you how many views you’ve gotten today (so far)

Tools: This gives you a drop-down list that contains the following options: “Homepage”, “Logout” and “Options”. The “Options” button lets you control whether you want the toolbar to automatically log you in or not. It also lets you control if the “Random” button should only take you to articles, pictures or both.

How to get the toolbar

It’s very easy! Follow my step by step guide and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Download the Internet browser “Mozilla Firefox” – if you haven’t got it already. Download Firefox here.

2. Install Mozilla Firefox.

3. Open up Firefox and go to this web-page: This is an “Add-On” that you will need.

4. Install the Add-On (Firefox might do that automatically).

5. Now, you don’t have to read anything about the Add-On at all. It does one thing. It lets you use Add-Ons that are old and normally don’t work for the newer Firefox versions. Eg. the Triond toolbar works for Firefox 2 or 3 ONLY. But when you get this Add-On you can use it with the newest Firefox 5.1!

6. Restart Firefox.

7. Go to this web-page: This is the link for the Triond Toolbar.

8. Install the Toolbar (Firefox might do that automatically too).

9. Restart Firefox.

10. Restart Firefox again (I know it seems silly, but it’s the rules).

Now you’re done! You should see the Triond Toolbar at the top of your screen in Firefox now. Simply log in and start enjoying.

Almost done…

If you want to read the message from Triond when they introduced the toolbar back in 2008, go to this page:

If you want to read my article about The Triond Toolbar (When I was irritated because they didn’t updated it) go to this page:

Special thanks to Duff D Moss for telling me about the “Add-on Compatibility Reporter”.

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  1. mphsglo Says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ll have to look into it. I am currently using Google Chrome and it gives me headaches. Maybe Firefox will be better for me.

  2. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    Good technical instructions.

  3. Dreamy777 Says:

    Cool Thanks for the information

  4. Spencer Hawken Says:

    Great news, forgot all about the toolbar

  5. Abhilash Thekkel Says:

    Thanks for the info :)

  6. heleninyuko Says:

    great post, I like it, thanks for sharing!

  7. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    Thanks for the information, however Firefox always crashes on my computer, also Firefox won’t let me go on Triond through the tool-bar so…

  8. 1hopefulman Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write the article and also making us aware of the article.

  9. researchnwrite Says:

    Thanks for letting us know.And as you know I am a newbie and didn\’t see your article before because I joined after your wrote that.But,don\’t feel like it was a waste because we didn\’t know,you let people know that it existed.

    I think the toolbar is a great idea and I am going to load it now.:)

    Thanks again

  10. Nikhilesh Says:

    hmmm thanx mate..i never knew about this thing..thanks a lot..:)

  11. Saxenadhi Says:

    thanks, never knew a triond tool bar existed

  12. Alistair Briggs Says:

    Used to use the Triond toolbar way back when, but I don’t use Firefox any more. Glad to hear they got it fixed though for those who do. :)


    i find triond is encouraging trolls

    and auto syetem is totally erratic

    gr8article urs

  14. cardy Says:

    Glad to have you around thanks for the info.

  15. sambasivarao Says:

    Good introduction. very usaeful

  16. Emancipation Says:

    Thanks for the info, Blu. :) I will check it out.

  17. The Elements Says:

    I will do that that, thanks

  18. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    I downloaded the add-on and then downloaded the toolbar using the instructions and links you provided. When I try to use the toolbar, a warning comes up saying uses an invalid security certificate that has expired. And that the program is untrused. I cannot use the toolbar and have been trying for the last half hour to find a way to uninstall it. I can’t find it anywhere on my computer accept in my tools. I can turn it off but so far have not found a way to remove it from my computer. I would suggest that other users think twice before downloading the toolbar…you may end up with the same problem.

  19. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    If anyone runs into the problem I had, I found the Triond toolbar and the add-on in add-ons – extensions. They can both be removed from this page. The toolbar and the add-on are not compatible with Firefox 5.0.

  20. Jewelstar Says:

    I use firefox 5.0 and would have to figure out whether the toolbar works, as Darlene mentioned.

  21. Wherner5 Says:

    Thanks for the information

  22. article Says:

    thanx for the information.

  23. erwinkennythomas Says:

    wonderful info to know! great!

  24. catlord Says:

    I used the Triond toolbar for awhile. I removed it as I felt it wasn’t providing anything more than a visit to the site provides. Just another RAM-eating add-on and with Firefox as we know, too many add-ons and the known systemic memory leaks are enough to slow down your browsing experience.
    Anyway, glad you found a solution. :-)

  25. tap0991 Says:

    Pretty cool. Didnt know about the toolbar. Just sucks that its not on chrome.

  26. briantaylor1992 Says:

    Wow its pretty cool ^.^ Thanks for the update and heads up through messages. I really like it :D I would have never thought to download the compatibility add-on either :)

  27. Fornis Says:

    Oh.. that’s cool. Thanks for detailed information. I have tweeted it.

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    I like the way you explained it with so much detail. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

  29. seiva7 Says:

    thank you for the interesting article.

    I think i will pass anyway, toolbar brings bad memories.

  30. thestickamn Says:

    Actually, -didn’t Chrome adopt the Mozilla/Firefox add-ons? I knew that this was their intent.

  31. CA Johnson Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the Triond tollbar. I don’t have Firefox, but this is good to know if I decide to get it.

  32. JonnyJames Says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing. Will give it a try.

  33. Heather Dawn Says:

    I am on of the “Triond has a toolbar???” folks. Thanks so much for letting me know about this.

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    Thanks for the info Blu.

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    thank you very much for this information

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    Thanks for informing us by this article and your message!

  37. James DeVere Says:

    Thank`you. Will give it a run!

    Actually, it would also be great if the share button remained invoked when pressed ` it too has been redesigned but now longer works as well as it used to in IE7.

    Great stuff . j

  38. lapasan Says:

    Good information. I would like to have this toolbar on my computer screen.

  39. Black Cat Says:

    So they finally brought it back, eh?

  40. jrabraham Says:

    I think this a good thing for Triond..I never knew about this toolbar since I am new to the site..I hope it could give the users more comfort..

  41. The Soul Explorer Says:

    Wow! That’s interesting!

  42. Judy Sheldon Says:

    I used to love the toolbar and hated when it became obsolete.

    Thanks for the info.

  43. Likha Says:

    Thanks for this valuable information. I’m out of Triond for the moment but will definitely explore it when I choose to write again. Kind of nostalgic reading the links. :)

  44. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Thnx for the info. This works only with Firefox and not with any other browsers, am I right?

  45. Minister Marlene Says:

    What a time saver. Thanx for the great instructions. I wonder what took them so long but at least we have it now.

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    Thanks for the info I will look into it as soon as I can.

  50. Nina Mason Says:

    ok I downloaded it but when I try to log in I’m getting a certificate expired notice saying it expired June 29 2011 ?

  51. jaimemragos Says:

    Nice to hear from you again, Blu. Your article is good. I will try to use the toolbar. Thanks for sharing.

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    I didn’t know about the triond Toolbar before reading this wonderful article. Thanks friend for writing an article about this update.

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    thanks. this is good.

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    Good info.

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    Your info is very complete, I am going to try to update my toolbar,thanks friend

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    Good product information. I use safari and google, I find firefox slow but if ever I decide to swap I will give this a try. Thanks

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    Yes, you have given us updates and fixed all…

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    Thanks, it is well explained and makes sense.I like your guide and step by step process,which makes the whole thing impossible to fail.

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    Very interesting.

  63. PruandMe Says:

    Triond has a toolbar, huh didn’t know that. Dunno if I have room for yet another toolbar – plus I like the anticipation while loading my dashboard and discovering I’ve had 2 views that day!


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    Thanks for this one. As I already have Mozilla FF5, I should try it as soon as possible. Thanks again.

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    Thank you, just added this as my toolbar. Looks very good.

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    Sorry for the late reply Blu, Great to know that the toolbar works well again. It saves the time of logging in and out of Triond, and is a handy gadget for Firefox. THanks Blu, keep up the good work (by the looks of it, this article is BOOMING). Ima share this on stumbleupon. Great post.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    I wasn’t aware of the existence of Triond’s toolbar prior to reading your article. Thank you for sending the link to my inbox.

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    I didn’t know about this. Perhaps it should be offered on the Triond site itself?

  84. Michal Dorcak Says:

    Thanks for the info. I might check the triond toolbar out.

  85. briantaylor1992 Says:

    Just a follow up on my previous comment: I really like the toolbar! I do have the problem with when I click to go to a random article, it gives me the same 10-15 authors every time, and always the authors that have been around for many years. Does it never give any of the newer authors?

  86. cosmomed Says:

    I never heard of Triond toolbar before! Thanks for the info!

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    Sure hope it benefits us all, Interesting article, I was not around during the 2008 years, but a change is always good.
    Thanks for the update about Triond.

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    Wow. I really don’t know what to say guys. First of all, thanks for all the fantastic comments and messages I’ve got from you regarding this topic. I, unfortunately, cannot answer you all but I do my best. Thank you so much for these quantity and quality comments!!

    Best regards,

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