Internet Explorer 9 vs. Internet Explorer 8

Thu, Sep 16, 2010, by Jasonian


Internet Explorer nine is a next generation browser with loads of new features. However, is it really THAT different from Internet Explorer 8?

A few hours ago, Microsoft released its new browser : Internet Explorer 9

This is the browser that many, many people have been waiting for. Internet Explorer 8 was a slow, dull browser that people used only because they didn’t know that there were better browsers avaliable. I personally used Internet Explorer 8 because I didn’t want software cluttering up my PC. Internet Explorer 8 worked great for me, but was tremendously slow. Having used various browsers such as Safari 5 and Chrome 6 before, I was not very used to the speed of Internet Explorer 9 and found myself reading Great Expectations while waiting for pages to load. Now, I don’t have to read classic novels to pass the time while waiting for my webpages to load – they load like documents in a computer.

Internet Explorer 9 is much faster than its ancesters. When I say speed not only do I mean the web page loading speed, I also mean the browser responce speed. While test driving Internet Explorer 9, I noticed that webpages loaded 2 – 3 times quicker than they did when I was using Internet Explorer 8. The back button is much more responsive, which is a welcome change because when I was using Internet Explorer 8, when the back button was clicked it took 1-2 seconds to respond. Tabs load quicker and close quicker as well.

Internet Explorer 9 also has a revamped interface. The interface is noticeably cleaner than Internet Explorer 8. In fact, the interface is so clean that it can be compared to Google chrome. Gone are the hideous menu bars, in are the sleek buttons that take up way less space. When using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will find that the transparency effect is also an eye pleaser: not too flashy, not too dull. I have noticed that the forward and back buttons change color when you are viewing webpages using Internet Explorer 9 ’s  awesome new “pinned sites” feature. With pinned sites, all you have to do is drag the tab that you would like to pin onto your Windows 7 taskbar. You will then be able to access the website directly via your desktop.

Thirdly, Internet Explorer 9 has hardware acceleration for text, graphics, and video. You will notice that online Flash, Java, and Shockwave games load much quicker in Internet Explorer 9 than they do in other browers. To test this yourself, head on to and check out the performance tests that you can do for your browser.

Internet Explorer 9 has many other features waiting to be discovered, including a notification to turn off addons, faster start up time, an all new download manager, and a whole new javascript engine. While Internet Explorer 8 got a pitiful 13/100 on the Acid 3 test, Internet Explorer 9 got 95/100. The download manager is really helpful, because in Internet Explorer 8 the downloads were scattered and messy whereas the downloads in Internet Explorer 9 are clean and organized. Furthermore, downloads can be paused and resumed freely.

Internet Explorer 9 is a huge improvement from Internet Explorer 8. If you’re still using IE8, get rid of it and download Internet Explorer 9 here :

Here are some screenshots:



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  1. C.L Says:

    Now make me a game! Chop chop LOL

  2. H.L. Says:

    make my game for me too!!

  3. Jasonian Says:

    What do games have to do with this article?

  4. ChlOe xD Says:

    Oops. Wrong article. Anyways, nice article about IE9! I’m gonna download it right now! :)

  5. Jasonian Says:

    C stands for Chloe?

  6. ChlOe xD Says:

    Yes, my apologies.
    And “H.L” is Helen, my younger sister.

  7. Florence H. Says:

    Nice article! Although i prefer Google Chrome better. Are there themes for IE9?

  8. Jasonian Says:

    Not yet (and I highly doubt that there will be). Thanks for the comment! BTW, Google Chrome’s speed still tops IE9, just to let you know.

  9. Paul Says:

    Weird cuz ie8 x64 was 4 times faster than the new x64 ie9 aka ie9 is a piece of sh*it at the moment, maybe the final version will be better…

  10. Jasonian Says:

    Well, IE9 actually runs faster on my computer. I guess the x64 technology isn’t mature enough for IE 9

  11. Ben Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but the cosmetic improvements almost make it worth downloading alone. IE8 is quite an eyesore.

  12. Dennis Says:

    I dont want 9. the reason is that downloadmaneger that you find great. I hate it. I realy dont understand why we must use that freaking downloadmanger. The whole reason I was using ie 8 was because of the downloadmager and the interface which they both ruined. So shame on you microsoft first you ruin windows then you ruin office and now you ruin the browser. MSN is also ruined by the latest version. So please quit ruining stuff

  13. Gary Says:

    The only difference i see between IE8 and IE9 is the titlebar.
    if user will right click the upper portion of the title bar, users can add all the bar from previous IE8, menu bar, command bar, favorite bar, status bar, bing bar, and all other toolbar user downloaded. IE9 is the same with IE8 with only the back/forward button looks different.

  14. bond Says:

    take a grammar class

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