How to Keep Your Geographical Location Private While Using Google Chrome

Wed, Feb 16, 2011, by abbeygirl


Do you wish to browse websites anonymously? If your answer is yes you need to make sure that your web browser has been programmed to keep your geographical location private. It is really easy to do on Google Chrome. Learn the steps involved here.

Have you ever heard of site meters? They count the number of visitors who visit a specific website. Apparently, they are good at recording the name of the geographical locations of those visitors. Now this can be seen as a tiny violation of privacy right. However, the Google Chrome users need not worry because this specific web browser allows such problem to be fixed within seconds. Yet it must be mentioned that a little manual steps are necessary to make it happen. This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome.

Step 2: Now locate the dark gray spanner icon. It should be on the top and at the right side.

Step 3: Right click on it.

Step 4: Now the control panel of Google Chrome should be visible to you.

Step 5: Here, right click the “option” button to open the “Google Chromes Options” window.

Step 6: Select “Under the hood” page.

Step 7: Now from the privacy section, select “Content Settings” to open its window.

Step 8: Then locate the title “Location” from the “features” category and right click it.

Step 9: Read the new options given to you here to locate “Do not allow any site to track my  physical location”.

Step 10: Right click it.

Step 11: Last, hit all the “close” buttons. Now your geographical location will stay hidden from all website owners.

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