How to Get Past Annoying Survey Pages

Wed, Jun 16, 2010, by Admiral1234


If you’re tired of those annoying pages with surveys blocking them, here’s how to get past them.

This article shows two ways to get past those annoying survey websites you often see advertised on facebook.

Method 1

I find this way to be the easier one of the two.

Step 1: Like the page or do what it tells you in order to get the link to the website.

Step 2: Once you’re at the website, in the background  look for and key words or phrases. A common example is “Scroll down to see the answer!”

Step 3: Right click on the page and select “View Page Source” It should look like this.

Step 4: Hold down Control and press the F key (Ctrl+F). This should initiate find, now type in the search bar whatever key phrase you saw in the background. This will bring you closer to where the answer is hidden. Search scroll sideways or down until you see the answer.

(Extra): The answer may also be in another url. Do the same in step 4, but if you see a link with text to the right of it saying something like “Click here to see the answer”; copy the url into your address bar and press enter.

Method 2

This way requires a little more luck than the first.

Step 1: Like the page or do what it tells you in order to get the link to the website.

Step 2: You should see a window blocking the content in the webpage in the middle of the screen. When you try to scroll down, it automatically moves up. A lot of times the hidden answer is on the bottom of the webpage, a good indicator of this is when it tells you to scroll down.

Step 3: Get your left hand ready by putting your finger on the “Print Screen” (or PrtSc) located near the top of your key board. It is ideal to have a mouse for this method as well. Put your cursor on the scrolling bar and move it down as fast as you can. When you feel you’ve reached the bottom, hid the Print screen button.

Step 4: Open up paint or any other program that you can paste images onto. Now right click and paste the image. If you timed it right, and the answer is on the bottom, you can see it in the picture. But this process may take several tries.

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