How to Get Music Off Youtube

Wed, Jun 29, 2011, by sevlow6


In this article I will tell, and show in a video, how to get any audio or music off YouTube. The website I’m using is called Just to say, I do not own this website.

The website I am going to be using is called This is not my website! The website is a YouTube converter, it will take the video and extract the audio to an mp3 file. In the video above I am showing you how to use the website. If the video isn’t enough then I will tell the steps now. 

First I would recommend getting Google Chrome as it is the best and fastest Internet browser. Then, when you’ve got that, open up youtube and Then search the song or the video you want the audio from. When you have the video up and playing, pause it, and copy the URL in the search bar. Then past it in the convert bar on the website. Make sure that the option for high quality mp3 is checked, then press convert. Depending on your broadband speed or browser, the convert should take 15 seconds. When it’s done, for Google Chrome the download will start automatically. (For Internet explorer it will ask you were you want it saved.) This should take no more than 10 seconds to download. When it’s done you can find the file in your downloads folder and it will play on Itunes and any other software you have. 

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