How to Get More Swagbucks Without Doing Anything

Wed, Nov 16, 2011, by Pur3v1l


Well, You only have to do a few things. You will get swagbucks while eating, sleeping or even playing xbox.

Hello everyone! Today I will be teaching you on earning swagbucks without having to do anything (or afk.) Although since this will be your first time, it will take about 5 minutes but once you know how to do it and have everything set up, it will take less than a minute to start it. First off, this is NOT a automatic searcher. Searching serves no part in this method infact, there are no direct downloads, only addons. Not the addons that bypass surveys either. Im running out of words so just read below.

Step 1 – We need to get an auto page refresher. (none of these links are user uploaded so no need to worry about viruses)

Firefox users: Once this addon is installed (restart your browser.) You will right click on a blank space, go to the reload every option then click custom. Set the time to 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Make sure you have not enable it yet.

Windows Explorer Users: My Internet explorer is not working at the moment but the concept should be the same as firefox. Right click and set custom time to 2 minutes and 25 seconds. If there is no option, then it should be up with your tool bars. Again restart your browser after it has been installed.

Step 2 – Go back to step 1 if you have no installed the addon and or set the time. Ok now that your auto refresher’s all set up. Time to get some swagbucks. Go to swagbucks home page and then go to the earn tab up at the top then, go to Swagbucks TV. Once there click on any of the ‘TV’ shows they have there. At this point you will be rewarded for watching at least some of the show. So now you enable your auto refreshers and now you are earning swagbucks and you can be afk. You do not have to watch different shows each time. This will watch most of the show then refresh and watch it again. Which means easy swagbucks.

Congratulations! Now you can earn swagbucks while doing pretty much anything, just don’t close the window until your done. If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and good luck on swagbucks.

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