How to Earn More Swagbucks

Tue, Mar 15, 2011, by eBowenZzz


Swagbucks can be hard to find at times, and there are days where the search engines just won’t give you anything. So how can you earn even on your bad days? Here are three tips!

How can you make sure you get a bunch of swag bucks daily? Here are some tips to get you hundreds of more swagbucks!

  1. Did you know that swagbucks gives out swag codes almost daily? They’re usually worth around 5-10 swagbucks, but sometimes more. They can be a pain to look for by yourself, so find a site that finds them for you! To save you the trouble, I found two good ones for you. and      Now you won’t miss any more codes!
  2. Get the daily five. Everyday you can get 5 swagbucks in 2minutes or less. How? The toolbar, trusted surveys, daily poll, and NOSO. Download the toolbar and you’ll receive 1 buck daily, visit the trusted survey page and you’ll get another buck daily, vote in the poll in you’ll get 1 buck daily, as well as skim though the NOSO ads and you’ll get 2 bucks! 5 bucks a day equals 150 in a month! Don’t miss out!
  3. Watch SB TV. Just click play, watch something you want, and get swagbucks! If you get bored, just do something else while watching (like check the code-giving sites). 

Put these tips to use and you’ll be earning a lot more Swagbucks!

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