How to bypass Sharecash Surveys with free Premium Accounts

Thu, Jan 27, 2011, by Tiper86


Between bugged Firefox and Greasemonkey scripts, which most likely will bring trojan or viruses in your machine, the only secure, LEGAL and working way to download files from Sharecash without doing surveys appears to be using Premium Accounts. Let’s see how get them for free!

Everyday, thousands of people are looking for millions of files to download.

More than sometimes those files are hosted on Sharecash servers. With Sharecash, a survey is required to proceed to file download.

Surveys are annoying and not available for all Countries.

Also, it’s not so rare that the file is not what it’s claimed to be (aka ‘FAKE’!).

This is why many people are looking for methods to download skipping those surveys.

During these 2 years we have seen many methods, all based on Firefox or Greasemonkey scripts.

Issues with those are:

  1. Sharecash people are clever; they keep on changing the HTML so that average scripts lifespan is 2-3 days!
  2. How can you be sure that those scripts are not virus/trojans?

The most secure, LEGAL and reliable way to skip surveys is purchasing a Sharecash Premium account.

This will allow subscriber to download from all Sharecash links with no surveys for a number of days, 3, 7 etc… depending on the type of account purchased.

But… why spending money if this website is providing 3 days or 1 Month Sharecash Premium Accounts for free?

Additionally, they can download up to 10 files from Sharecash links for you.

You need to reach a number of Points that can be collected with simple games downloads, toolbars etc…

Youtube Video below also available:


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  1. FreeWowAccounts Says:

    Thanks for this.
    Really helpful video!

  2. fuck you Says:

    this is another way to scam people

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