Google Chrome 10, Officially Launched (Video)

Thu, Mar 10, 2011, by adicodrean1967


Neither we accustomed well with Google Chrome in September, as soon the final release, Google announced the release of Chrome 10, 66% faster compared with the previous version.

Google officials announcement comes just three weeks after launching the beta version of the browser, which shows major improvements over the last version of Google Chrome.

Google says it is not just fast browsing speed, but a simplified interface.

Google Chrome Password Manager 10 has a new synchronization function, which allows access to the collection of passwords and other computers, along with collection of bookmarks, extensions, themes and preferences of the user interface.

For total security, synchronization function protects passwords collection by applying the encryption algorithm and unique password for access.

Also thinking about efficiency, Chrome 10 has received a revised version of the menu settings, now open inside a tab and provided with its own search function, which automatically sends the appropriate section of the menu as you type the name of the desired setting.

Chrome is in full expansion, doubling its popularity last year. Also, the third Chrome browser in the world is having a 16% share, after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox 45%, which has a 31 percent share.


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