Firefox4 Beta : a Quick Review

Tue, Mar 8, 2011, by prasul


A quick check and review of the new browser, my personal opinions based on the usage I have. The beta version was installed on Windows Vista and here are the results.

The Firefox

Excitement was already there for the new release but the first beta versions released were real disappointment with slogging performance. But it seems FF has been working with their feed-backs and I had the chance to get the latest version on my PC. The software can be availed here

Through the installation process I expected a software which I would quickly get removed, but guess I was wrong. The first looks of FF4 is like chrome with FF theme on it.

built on the Gecko2 platform, it couldn’t be any different. Even it reminds me of IE9 installation that I have. So whats new? The start-up, I hated 3.6 version, it took almost 10-15s to start up, you can blame the plug-ins but even with all disabled it was always doing the slow starts. For this respect, I really give it Firefox 4 which is a quickie. Starts up really fast and it was 3 seconds approximately the start-up on cold start and much lesser with the browser on. Chrome took almost the 4 seconds and 6 seconds for IE9. Certainly the faster on start.

Coming on to the interface, the next eye catcher is the addons page:

its altogether a great experience and each time you install a plugin you will want to see the installation procedures again lol. Jokes apart, a perfect screen and an eyecandy interface. Love it again. 

I have upto 10 plugins on and the current firefox memory usage is :

which is like 100M less that what 3.6 used to do. So that is all clear for me to get started on firefox 4. The next praise goes to the unique way of cascading windows:

which gives in the interface as:

apart from this, most of the plugins work, there are a few which fails to work on this platform but I expect the upgrades to come in. Also lot coming in with respect to movies, HTML5 support and many more; a detailed listing is available at:

What I hate about it?

A nightmare on JS based websites, it does show a failure on responsiveness. But not bad, as it were on other version. Apart from this there are none that I can report, but will certainly update here if I do have more info.

But for now a very good upgrade and love FF4 beta7.


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